July 31, 2012



Loving: This drink dispenser that looks like a giant mason jar. It makes my iced tea look positively southern! Minus the sugar of course. Who sweetens perfectly good tea anyway? Not this girl.


Reading: I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but, yes, I read 50 Shades of Grey. I’m actually halfway through 50 Shades Darker right now. I must say it’s better than the first one. I felt like the first one was sex, sex, sex, some story, sex, sex, more story, sex, sex, sex, sex, a little more story, and let’s just end it because well, the book just kind of ended. Great trick EL James! It made me want to read the second to find out what happened. She got me, hook, line, and sinker.

Watching: The Olympics. What else? Seriously, though, I thought I wouldn’t watch it at all, but it’s like bacon, once you take that first bite there’s no stopping until the whole package is gone. I’ve always enjoyed watching the gymnastics, men and women, and I used to watch all of the competitions any time they were on throughout the year, but I don’t do that much anymore. I guess I finally realized that my now 30 year old body will never be that limber and flippy and twisty so watching them was like re-killing my inner dreams over and over again. Just kidding! I’m too busy watching the DIY Network. Anyway, I thought I would just watch the gymnastics, but then I watched swimming and then I watched basketball and then I watched rowing and then I watched synchronized diving. I know, right?! I was in shock too! Synchronized diving!! Have you have ever heard of a such a thing? Men in skimpy underpants jumping off a platform twisting and flipping all over the place in tandem?! I’ve died and gone to Heaven! I don’t know what it is about this nutso sport, but I. Am. Hooked.


Anticipating: Football season! I cannot wait! Officially football for my beloved Cowboys starts August 1st, but the first game isn’t until September 1st. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Listening: I haven’t been listening to anything in particular lately. Just the radio on my way to and from work. Although, I will say I can’t seem to get Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe out of my head. Perhaps because of videos like this:

And this:

Probably more so on that second one. I mean, they are Abercrombie models… Smile

Planning: What am I not planning? I swear my “to do” list grows each day. Maybe it would help if I finished projects before I start a new one? I’ll try to work on that.

Working on: Projects! Haha. I still have walls to paint, a desk to refinish, a rock garden to build…the list goes on. If it weren’t 110 degrees outside all the time I might feel more inclined to actually do something. Who am I kidding? I’m slow and I procrastinate. Maybe I’ll be done by the time I’m 40.


Wishing: That I had this utterly divine chimichanga in front of me right now. It was yum.

Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for the blogging inspiration!