October 30, 2012

The Day the iPhone Died

Sunday morning I very gently placed my iPhone on a side table where side table equals inside a full glass of water.

I have now been iPhoneless for 3 days. Do you even know what that does to a person?

Not only am I now using a flip phone circa 2000, I no longer have the world at my fingertips.

What’s a girl to do when she can’t check Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, all those “is there an app for that?” apps?!

She goes off grid…ish. That’s what. And maybe goes a little crazy at the same time.

So I’m writing on my blog. So I’m using a laptop connected to wifi to post my blog. So I have access to my email, Facebook, and Twitter on that laptop. Who cares? It’s not the same, I tell you!

Who seriously uses their personal computers anymore? Anyone? Because I don’t. The only time I turn mine on is to upload photos or write a blog post. I literally do every last little thing on my phone.

If I want to know who a certain celebrity from a show is I use my IMDB app. If I want to take a quick photo I use Instagram. If I want to post something snarky I hop on Twitter. If I want to know the answer to something really quick I Google it from Safari.

Seriously. What am I supposed to do with a stinkin’ flip phone circa 2000? How am I supposed to live?!

The fact that I even feel this way is quite disgusting. What happened to the days when I didn’t have a phone at all other than the rotary dial sitting on the telephone table next to my dad’s recliner? What happened to waiting in line to make a phone call because someone else in the family was using it? What happened to sitting down and reading a book or drawing a picture because being on the phone was the last thing from my mind?

I miss those days. Those days before I had some type of phone with me at all times. The days when just being in the moment was enough.

But at the same time I want my phone back. I NEED my phone back. I feel lost without it. My IMDB app is my life!

You know what else is disgusting? I feel like I’m no longer part of the iPhone Club. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that practically everyone you know is in because they too have iPhone’s so you’re never without a way to charge your beloved never has a fully charged battery connection to the world. Say you’re at Suzy Q’s house and your phone dies. No worries! She’s got a charger right there at the end of her kitchen counter! You’re golden!

Nobody has a charger for this unidentified circa 2000 flip phone. I’d bet money on it. I’m out of the club. Kicked to the curb. Sayonara loser.

I miss you iPhone. I hope we’ll be together again soon. Because you and me? We’re like orange sherbet and a waffle cone. We just make sense.

Oh, Instagram! I miss you so dang much!

October 26, 2012

In Her World

She stands at the window looking in. It’s as if she’s watching her life unfold right before her eyes, but she can’t do anything to stop it or change it. Nobody can hear her. She bangs on the window with her fists. Yelling. Pleading for them to hear her. But no one looks up. No one notices she’s there. She falls to the ground in a heap. Crying. Wiping her eyes and her nose. Wishing she could change it all. Wishing she could just get someone to notice her, but they never do. They just continue to move forward without her as she sits and watches.

She hears a noise. She looks up. She thinks someone has noticed her. Someone is finally going to come wipe away here tears. Someone is finally going to take her into their arms. Someone is finally going to let her in. But no one is looking at her. She’s still invisible.

The noise she heard was a girl. Laughing.

She peers through the window at the girl. She thinks its herself. She’s watching herself move about inside the house. But it’s not her, it’s someone else. Another girl. Living her life. Laughing her laughs. Speaking her words. In frustration she pounds on the window. She’s up on her knees. She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “why?! Why?! Why can’t you see me? I’m right here! I’m right outside! Please come and help me…” But no one hears. Nobody comes. And she falls back to the ground and the tears flow again.

She’s so lost. So alone. So afraid. She can’t believe this is happening to her.

She wonders what she did wrong. What she did right. What she didn’t say. What she said that was too much.

She thought she was good enough. She thought she was strong enough. She thought she could do it all.

But now, she sits with tears rolling down her cheeks, looking through the glass into her world. The world she should be in, but she isn’t and she wonders why.

October 17, 2012

In the Still of the Night


Sometimes I lay awake at night. Ok, it’s every night. Because, you know, I have self diagnosed insomnia, but anyway, the point is I lay awake at night and I think about all the things I’ve done wrong in my life. If I could go back and change it all.

Except, if I went back and changed every single thing I think I’ve ever done wrong would I be where I am today?

Would I be living in a home that I love? That I’m on my way to owning?!

Would I have a different job? A better job? No job at all?

Would my family love me? Would I love them?

Would my friends like me? Would I even have friends?

Would I have a college degree? Would I have gone to college?

Would I be healthy? Would I even be alive?

Would I be with the person I’m with?

I have no idea what the answers to these questions are and you know what? I think that’s a good thing. Even though it keeps me up night after night.

(Sometimes I stay awake and think about how crispy and delicious bacon is. Those are good nights.)

If we could actually go back and change things. If we had time machines, for example, would it really make our lives any better? Would it really make us better people? I don’t think it would make me better or my life better. Without everything I’ve done and without all the mistakes I’ve made how would I have learned anything? How would I be who I am today? I could be some crazy weirdo lady who makes rubber band balls in her spare time. I don’t want to be that lady!

So, after realizing that I may have done some things wrong along the way, I may have made some not so great decisions, and I may wish I was rich, rich, rich I finally drift off to sleep knowing that I am a happy person. I like where I’m at in my life. I love my family. I love my man. And I love bacon.

Life is good.


September 14, 2012

Friday Randoms

FYI, random with an s on the end which is randoms is totally a word, in case you were wondering.

Here’s the dill, I like to type words the way I speak them.

Well, that’s not altogether true or I’d type pAnk instead pink and wAWt instead what. I mean, some of the stuff I say is really out there and strange to look at when typed out.

Moving on.

Again, here’s the dill.

I took this picture on my recent trip to Las Vegas and Tucson with my iPhone and the ProHDR App.


I posted it to the FB. That’s slang for fist bump. Kidding! It’s Facebook, yo.

Anyway, I digress. I posted it to the FB and one of my online yet also real life in person friends commented that it looks like bacon.

And you know what?! It totally does!

Here’s my problem with this statement.

Ok, I have a few problems with it.

1. I love bacon.
2. How did I, the self professed lover of bacon that I am, not notice that The Painted Desert looks like layer upon layer of savory strips of bacon?!
3. This is unacceptable!
4. I love bacon.

I would just like to state for the record that loving bacon is not a problem it’s just a fact of my life.


Now, I know this photo does NOT look like food. Especially food I'm head over heels in love with.

I feel better now.

Happy weekend!


August 13, 2012

Pontoons and Kitty Cats

I don’t know why, but I can’t get enough of this song. I catch myself singing mmmm, motorboatin’ to myself all the time. Haha!

I need a pontoon boat with a slide and lounge chairs. Yes, yes I do. Smile

And what would singing about pontoon boats be without a sweet kitty cat to gaze upon?


Really, really boring, that's what!

Happy Monday, all!


July 31, 2012



Loving: This drink dispenser that looks like a giant mason jar. It makes my iced tea look positively southern! Minus the sugar of course. Who sweetens perfectly good tea anyway? Not this girl.


Reading: I can’t believe I’m admitting to this, but, yes, I read 50 Shades of Grey. I’m actually halfway through 50 Shades Darker right now. I must say it’s better than the first one. I felt like the first one was sex, sex, sex, some story, sex, sex, more story, sex, sex, sex, sex, a little more story, and let’s just end it because well, the book just kind of ended. Great trick EL James! It made me want to read the second to find out what happened. She got me, hook, line, and sinker.

Watching: The Olympics. What else? Seriously, though, I thought I wouldn’t watch it at all, but it’s like bacon, once you take that first bite there’s no stopping until the whole package is gone. I’ve always enjoyed watching the gymnastics, men and women, and I used to watch all of the competitions any time they were on throughout the year, but I don’t do that much anymore. I guess I finally realized that my now 30 year old body will never be that limber and flippy and twisty so watching them was like re-killing my inner dreams over and over again. Just kidding! I’m too busy watching the DIY Network. Anyway, I thought I would just watch the gymnastics, but then I watched swimming and then I watched basketball and then I watched rowing and then I watched synchronized diving. I know, right?! I was in shock too! Synchronized diving!! Have you have ever heard of a such a thing? Men in skimpy underpants jumping off a platform twisting and flipping all over the place in tandem?! I’ve died and gone to Heaven! I don’t know what it is about this nutso sport, but I. Am. Hooked.


Anticipating: Football season! I cannot wait! Officially football for my beloved Cowboys starts August 1st, but the first game isn’t until September 1st. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Listening: I haven’t been listening to anything in particular lately. Just the radio on my way to and from work. Although, I will say I can’t seem to get Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe out of my head. Perhaps because of videos like this:

And this:

Probably more so on that second one. I mean, they are Abercrombie models… Smile

Planning: What am I not planning? I swear my “to do” list grows each day. Maybe it would help if I finished projects before I start a new one? I’ll try to work on that.

Working on: Projects! Haha. I still have walls to paint, a desk to refinish, a rock garden to build…the list goes on. If it weren’t 110 degrees outside all the time I might feel more inclined to actually do something. Who am I kidding? I’m slow and I procrastinate. Maybe I’ll be done by the time I’m 40.


Wishing: That I had this utterly divine chimichanga in front of me right now. It was yum.

Thank you to Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for the blogging inspiration!


June 25, 2012

30 Years

Today is my 30th birthday. Happy Birthday ME!


 Here’s how I feel about it:

1. I feel the same today as I did yesterday.

2. However, I feel different today than I did one year ago, but not so different that I can really tell.

3. Did that make sense?

4. My co-workers gave me a super cute card, fresh fruit, and sang happy birthday to my old soul.


5. Actually, they sang happy birthday to me twice. Once last week and once today. I feel so special! Smile

6. Turning 30 is a big deal.

7. I think.

8. I’m waiting for something drastic to happen.

9. Like a droopy chin.

10. Or a saggy butt.

11. So far, I’m safe.

12. My Boy Toy (am I allowed to call him that? My magic 8 ball says “signs point to yes”) is taking me to dinner tonight. Texas Roadhouse. Steak = A Happy Birthday Girl.


 13. I wonder if there are rules for being 30?

14. If so, I bet I’ve been breaking them.

15. A lot of people seem to make a “Do before I’m this “age” list,” but I didn’t do that.

16. My only goal was to buy a house and I did that aaaaaages ago.

17. Apparently, according to the entire rest of the world, I should be married and have some kids.

18. Well, I’m not and I don’t.

19. I do have a Boy Toy, though, as we established in item #12.

20. I also have furry children which totally counts, in my personal professional opinion.


 21. Are my knees going to start knocking together?

22. Is my hair going to turn completely gray overnight?

23. Am I going to start wearing high waist-ed pants?

24. Will all of my jeans magically shrink up in the leg about 5 inches?

25. Am I going to wake up to giant craters and canyons in my cheeks?

26. Am I going to get the mail from across the street with no bra on?

27. Wait! I totally already do that last one!

28. Was that TMI?

29. I’m sorry.

30.Crazy girl in the house.

30 is grand! It’s totally the new 20! I’m so young and care-free! I think I’ll go take a nap.


April 12, 2012

I’m Back!

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I took quite the break, let me tell ya. I just didn’t have much to say I guess, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything since February. I’ve been a busy, busy bee, for sure!

Ok, so I’ve mostly been eating food and watching TV, but that still counts as busy in my world. Haha!


Oh, NCIS, how I love thee…let me count the ways… <3 <3 <3


<3 <3 Bacon <3 <3

TV and bacon. Does it really get any better?

Anywho, remember when I said I was going to paint my living area? Well, I totally started it! Along with my lovely assistants, I’ve painted 3 walls. Only a bazillion more to go!


I’ve also been spending a lot of time, and when I say a lot I mean basically every waking minute, with this guy. And I’m not talking about the fish. Smile

He makes me crazy happy. And I’m still not talking about the fish. Smile


Mom and I have taken up walking. We’re both a little jiggly if you know what I mean, but we love the bacon so perhaps the walking will keep us from becoming more jiggly. Hopefully.


Oh my…that’s all I can say.

Until next time!

Eat some bacon, it’s good for you. Smile


February 17, 2012

The Winter Blues

I’ve never actually seen a groundhog so I’m not sure I truly believe they exist (kidding!), but if I ever do meet that dang groundhog who saw his shadow on February 2, 2012 in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, a place I’ve never been, I’m going to drop kick him to the next continent.

I mean, seriously, Mr. Groundhog? Did you have to see your shadow? Did you have to stick your nose in the air declaring 6 more weeks of winter? Did you have to cause my 60 degree January days to come to a screeching halt so they could turn into yucky, yucky cold February days? Did you really have to make it…snow?!?!


So…yeah…the white stuff was pretty. But, Mr. Groundhog! Seriously! I’m ready for Spring!

Although, I do really like to wear my rubb-ah boots.


Polka dots in the snow, yo. I love this picture so.

It’s the only thing keeping me sane Mr. Groundhog. The. Only. Thing. This picture…and bacon.


February 8, 2012


Oklahoma State vs. Iowa State 2/2/12

Our basketball team may not be perfect, they may have lost more games than they’ve won, but they definitely know how to grab the attention of their fan base. And quick!

Let me tell you a little something about #LobStilly…and yes, I realize I just willingly used Stilly on my own blog when I’ve ranted here in the past about how much I despise the popular shortened version of my beloved Stillwater, but it’s what the people want. And the people get what the people want. I guess.

Anyway, let’s get back to #LobStilly, shall we? It’s a little thing called…


I could watch this ALL. DAY. LONG.

And if that’s not enough for you, here are Brown’s two rockin’ dunks against Mizzou…

I really don’t think those Ts were warranted, but hey. What do I know?

Markel Brown. Oh my. #LobStilly is right.

But enough about Markel Brown.

What about Le’Bryan Nash?! With his last second almost game winning shot that led to THE game winning block also made by one Le’Bryan Nash! AWESOME!!

I really just want to give him a big hug. He’s such a little cutie. Well, maybe he’s not little since he’s more than half a foot taller than me, but whatever.


Oh, Cowboys, how I love you all! Keep it up ‘boys!

***Update*** Oh! And make sure you check out #LobStilly on Twitter! It is positively blowing up over there. Crazy. Seriously crazy. There are shirts here and here and there's desktop wallpaper here. The power of the World Wide Web. It's truly amazing.

After extensive (and by extensive I mean I saw it on my timeline) Twitter Research…Twitsearch?…whatever…I have found the person/persons who claim to be the originator. Good job guys! You’ve started a trend!



January 27, 2012


When I was a little girl I dreamed that one day I would be a ballerina. I would put on one of my grandma's fluttery night gowns, and she would safety pin it up in the back so it wouldn't fall off. Then I would put on my little ballet slippers turn on some music and dance. Every time I visited my grandparents I would perform a show. They applauded, of course, and told me how fantastic I was. I thought, someday...I'll be amazing!

The thing is, I never took a single dance class. Not to mention the fact that I can’t dance. Like at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure  you could compare my dancing to a half dead beetle bouncing around on the ground.

But, none of that mattered to my little girl self. She wanted to be a ballerina and when she was dancing there was no one better.

I feel the same way as a big girl about my photography. I know I’m not great, but when I have my camera in my hands I feel like a professional with a passion and there’s no one better.


My dream of becoming a graceful ballerina may not have come true, but I’m determined to become a passionate photographer with beautiful images to share.


I will be.


In the meantime while I wait, practice, and grow perhaps I’ll have a nice frosty beverage. Smile

Here’s to making dreams come true!


January 24, 2012


A girl just needs some peanut butter and chocolate.


And some hot pink moccasins wouldn’t hurt either.



January 23, 2012

25 Reasons to Paint


I would like to state, for the record, that this photo has absolutely no correlation to what I’m about to write. I just like it. So…I’m sharing.

1. I’ve officially lived in my house for 1 year, 6 months, and 19 days.

2. In that time I’ve painted one wall orange and 7 walls gray.

3. I think it’s about time for more walls to meet my paint brush, don’t you?

4. My dilemma is that my living space is one GIANT space.

5. Which means painting is a HUGE undertaking.

6. Which means I’m overwhelmed.

7. Which is not the opposite of underwhelmed because underwhelmed is not a word.

8. Whelmed isn’t a word either.

9. Who invented this language anyway???

10. Right now all but 8 of my walls are what I like to refer to as the inner depths of a week old banana pudding.

11.Particularly where the vanilla wafer meets the pudding and they’ve become one.

12. Are you picturing a brownish yellowish goldish color?

13. Good.

14. So, I’m leaning toward a nice neutral beige for the most part.

15. Possibly something like this:


16. But, I really think if I paint all of the GIANT walls in my living area the same color I’ll be bored.

17. And who wants to be bored?

18. Consider this (because I am): what if I paint the back wall of my dining room an accent color?

19. Can you dig it?

20. I’m digging it.

21. You know what would be so helpful to determine the answers to all of my questions?

22.Some pictures.

23. I’ll work on that.

24. After I clean my house.

25. After I procrastinate some more.


January 19, 2012

The Fiesta Bowl pt. 2

We’ve made it to the stadium!

Now, on to the party!


Well, hello there College Football’s Biggest Party! I don’t mind if I do!


I was totally holding this for a friend… Haha! Or not. Winking smile  It was quite wheaty with an orangey twist.


Sea. Of. Orange.


I love this. Smile


Here come the COWBOYS!!!




I wish I had had my real camera in there so my pictures were better, but who can keep track of a camera with all this excitement?!


Brandon Weeden = Best Quarter Back EVER


The Pokes win! The Pokes win!



I’ll be honest…this picture is actually from when we thought Colton Chelf had gotten a TD, but I like how I caught this guy doing the Pistols Firing! so I’m pretending it happened after the field goal that actually won the game. Smile


And…uh…just because I’m all about sharing…here I am in the port-a-potty city. I was so confused…

And, yes, I realize I’m wearing my real camera in this picture, but I took it back to the car before the game. Smile

I hope you enjoyed the Fiesta Bowl! I know I did!

Go Pokes!!!