October 22, 2011

Avoiding Panic

I have so much to do I don’t know where to begin. I’m talking a million times a trillion things to do.

The end of my final semester of college is coming to a close and I can feel the weight of it on my shoulders like that giant ACME weight from the Looney Toons.

So, in an effort to avoid panic over the projects I have yet to start and the huge test I have next Friday I’m sitting here typing a post at midnight.

Oh, and I’ve been looking at some pictures of flowers I took over the last week.

DSC_0008 copya

Can you believe this gorgeous Confederate Rose Hibiscus bloomed one week ago? In October? Is that not just crazy? This isn’t Hawaii for goodness sake! This is Oklahoma, but you know what? Just a few days after this beautiful debutante made her debut on a bright and sunny 80 degree day the temperature dropped in to the mid 30s. Ridiculous I tell you. Ridiculous.

DSC_0032 copy

These are mums so it’s not unusual for them to be blooming like crazy in October, but seriously? how gorgeous is that bright orange?

Flowers have such a calming effect. I’m already feeling ever so much more relaxed and less panicky from these two photos. I might have to look at them a million times a trillion times this weekend, but I think I’ll make it.

I’m going to get my projects done. I’m going to graduate. And that ACME weight? It can go back to falling on the Road Runner.

Happy weekend, all!


October 18, 2011

T-shirt Makeover

I’ve been wanting to make a t-shirt quilt for awhile now. Ok, really, I just want someone to make it for me, but I’ve looked into it and that business ain’t cheap.

I really like to say “ain’t” when I’m being serious.

Otherwise it’s not a word I generally use, but in a serious situation it makes me laugh. Ha!

What? You think talking about a t-shirt quilt isn’t serious? Well, it is. And I ain’t kidding. Winking smile

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Is the topic really “at hand” when you’re talking about it with your mouth and not your hands?

Ok, seriously, I’m going to stop digressing…so I’ve been wanting to make a t-shirt quilt, but I’m not really a sewer and t-shirts are stretchy and well, I’m just plain scared.

But do you know who is a sewer? My grandma! The same lady who caused my dislike for lettuce to fester into the deep rooted hatred that it is today.

The thing is, grandma is just about as nervous and scared as I am about turning t-shirts into quilts. First of all, she doesn’t generally sew with knits and second, she’s proclaimed my whole life that’s she’s not a quilter.

Luckily, she’s coming around to the idea so this last weekend we started small to practice for the big time. We made a t-shirt scarf!

Pinned Image
Via Pinterest

I pinned this scarf a few days ago. Originally I thought I would make one with OSU t-shirts, but I’m saving those babies for the future quilt endeavor!

DSC_0155 copy

Isn’t it cute?

So, maybe I used a couple OSU shirts, but I just had to!

I think grandma and I did a fab job! T-shirt quilt, here we come!

Oh...in case you're wondering, she doesn't try to make me eat lettuce anymore. Whew!


October 16, 2011

Photography Challenge Week 12 : Bokeh

photo challenge button_2

DSC_0029 copy

Beautiful mums from grandma’s garden.

DSC_0107 copy

Part of grandma’s Fall table centerpiece.

I would say grandma is definitely ready for Fall! And she’s got some great places to create some awesome bokeh as well! Thanks grandma!

Next weeks challenge is silhouette…I won’t lie I’m a bit worried about that one. Yikes!


October 14, 2011

A Happy Friday List

1. I’m really into lists right now.

2. Maybe it’s because my all time favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman, makes lists and they always make me laugh.

3. Oh, and I only like to make lists on my blog, not in real life.

4. In real life I prefer to write on random post-its or scraps of paper or sometimes I just don’t write things down at all.

5. I found this picture when I was looking back through folders of pictures I took over the Summer. I like it. I wonder why I forgot about it? Probably because there are approximately 1,893,290.7 pictures in that folder.


6. When I work up posts on different computers the fonts are never the same. Like right now, I’m using Juice for my watermark…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….hahahahahahahaha….sorry, the name just really gets to my funny bone! Juice! Hahahahahahahaha! On a different computer I use Bella Donna, but it’s just not quite as funny as Juice! Hahahahahahaha!

7. Maybe I should download a font from Kevin and Amanda to use on all of my computers? In fact, I should probably send them my writing sample so I can have my own font!

8. How many computers can one girl use?!?!

9. This is one of my favorite pictures from the Summer. One I didn’t forget about, and shared on this post that had absolutely nothing to do with wine. It’s not perfect by any means, but I love its glittery fun-ness (yes, fun-ness is a word. In Amanda-ese!). I’m seriously considering framing this baby.


10. The more I think about it, the more I want to see if Amanda from Kevin and Amanda will turn my handwriting into a font. It would be so delicious!

11. Can font be delicious? Like bacon?

12. Now I’m hungry.

13. Happy Friday, all!

14. I wish you a weekend filled with fun-ness!

15. Christmas is in 73 days! Yikes! (I had to add that because ending on 14 was bothering me. You know, because I'm weird.)


October 12, 2011

Is it Crazy?

 To travel all the way across the country just so you can eat one of these?

I know what you’re thinking…yes, I could have taken a picture of this plate of awesomeness with a real camera, but that would have slowed down the stuffing it in my mouth process. Nothing, I mean nothing comes between me and stuffing food in my mouth.

This HUGE bacon cheeseburger has been on my mind like crazy lately. But you know what’s really been on my mind from this picture? That teeny tiny little itty bitty cup of macaroni salad.

It. Was. Awesome.

I could have eaten a gallon of that business!

YUM! I'm drooling just thinking about it.

The thing is, I would have to go here to get some.

DSC_0590 copy

And where is here exactly? McGeary’s Pub in Albany, NY, of course.

If only Albany was right around the corner…sigh…

But, I think if I put my mind to it I could totally recreate the fantastically scrumptious macaroni salad from their delicious kitchen.

It was made with tiny shells. Not the big ones like you get in your neon yellow Velveeta shells and cheese.

Not only that, but it tasted a lot like this wonderful macaroni cheese I like to buy at Wegmans when I go to visit Jesse in NY.

I am not lying when I say this is the BEST macaroni and cheese in the WHOLE world. I would say it’s even better than homemade since I’ve never had homemade.

The thing is we don’t have any Wegmans in OK or anywhere around OK for that matter. So, how’s a girl to get her fave mac and cheese other than having her best friend mail her a few boxes?

Well, I have great news! I’m pretty sure that this organic business is almost exactly the same thing and I can get it here! Yay!

So, first, I need to buy a box of this amazingness. Then, I need to figure out how to turn it into that fabtastic macaroni salad.

I’m sure I detected some mayonnaise and parmesan. Seriously, what goes together better than cheese and fat? Nothing, that’s what.

I can’t wait!


October 9, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 11 : Orange

photo challenge button_2

I was totally going to use an OSU photo for this weeks challenge because let’s be honest I’m rolling in the orange and black, but I didn’t. Or I thought I might show you my Halloween decorations since I finished those yesterday, but I decided not to use those either.

What did I decide to use, you ask?


DSC_0032 copy

My parents and I decided to go to the fair today. If that fake cheese isn’t orange, I don’t know what is!

Ok, so maybe it’s neon orange, but it’s still orange AND delicious!

Next week: bokeh. My favorite!


October 6, 2011

A List

Today, I’m making a list. I’m not usually a list maker, but for some reason at this very moment in time I’m feeling it…the list vibe. Is this a medical condition? I don’t know, but if it is I’m sure there’s a vitamin for it.

1. I just watched Karev on Grey’s Anatomy put his grody bare feet on the table in the break room. Putting grody bare feet on tables that are not in the coffee table family is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

2. I really like to say, “in my opinion.” I think it comes from that episode of The Good Wife where that judge insisted all lawyers follow their statements with, “in my opinion.”

3. Random is a way of life and I live it to the fullest.

DSC_0156 copy

4. This plant is currently living on my front porch. It was one of those “at the end of the season” clearance plants. I snapped a picture of it because it was a random thing to do, and I love to be random. See #3 for more info.

5.TV commercials about feminine products, soap, body cleansers, and hemorrhoid creams really scare me. Like a lot.

6. I’m jealous of the 100ish blogs I read and their fantabulous blog designs. I aspire to be that cool one day.

7. Pan Am is seriously my new fave show. I want to be a Pan Am girl so badly I can taste it. Unfortunately, I don’t think I would fall into their ideal personal weight ranges. But being short and round is my destiny so I will embrace it. I love you Pan Am! I shall dream of you from afar…oh, and the future since I wasn’t alive in the 60s.

8. I really like to run my dishwasher at night because it’s one of the noisy kind, but I’m afraid it will spontaneously combust and I’ll miss it.

DSC_0069 copy

9. This is a building. A flying saucer shaped building. I took this shot when I was in Albany a couple months ago. I’m sharing it now because it’s a random thing to do, and I love to be random. See #3 for more info.

10. I love, love, love to repeat things. I think it gives what I say more emphasis. Plus, I forget stuff sometimes, and it’s a random thing to do. I love to be random. See #3 for more info.

11. Goodbye.

12. For now.


October 2, 2011

Ribbon Wreath


I apparently committed a blogging faux pas when I didn't link back to projects properly so, here is a link to the pin on my Pinterest board and here is a link to the actual post where I originally saw the ribbon wreath.

Thanks for stopping by!


DSC_0022 copy

I finally finished it.

What is it?

My ribbon wreath, of course.

Oh? You didn’t know I was making a ribbon wreath?

Well, I was, but I'm not anymore because I quit.

I kid, I kid!

53 years, 7 months, 12 days, 3 hours, 11 minutes, 58 seconds and 260 or so glue gun burns later I have a beautiful orange and black ribbon wreath.

And I do mean beautiful!

DSC_0125 copy

First, I cut approximately 3 thousand, give or take, 4-5 inch strips of ribbon. Just look at all that fabulousness.

DSC_0132 copy

Then I glued each and every one of them into loops. The trick is to leave this little tail for gluing to the flat surface. Trust me, the first one I made did NOT turn out the way I had intended. The tails will save your life.

DSC_0139 copy

Now, I couldn’t use any ordinary “O” (I realize some people might call this a wreath form or a circle, but I like to call it an O), I had to cut out the Oklahoma State O. Seriously, I had to. It was calling to me.

So, this + …

DSC_0172 copy

… this mountain of fabulousness = …

DSC_0022 copy


I love it! I really love it! Times a million.

And I finished it just in time for our next game this coming Saturday against KU.

Go Pokes!!!

Oh, and this is my first completed item from my Pinterest Craft Board. Yippee!

I feel so accomplished. Smile