October 14, 2011

A Happy Friday List

1. I’m really into lists right now.

2. Maybe it’s because my all time favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman, makes lists and they always make me laugh.

3. Oh, and I only like to make lists on my blog, not in real life.

4. In real life I prefer to write on random post-its or scraps of paper or sometimes I just don’t write things down at all.

5. I found this picture when I was looking back through folders of pictures I took over the Summer. I like it. I wonder why I forgot about it? Probably because there are approximately 1,893,290.7 pictures in that folder.


6. When I work up posts on different computers the fonts are never the same. Like right now, I’m using Juice for my watermark…hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….hahahahahahahaha….sorry, the name just really gets to my funny bone! Juice! Hahahahahahahaha! On a different computer I use Bella Donna, but it’s just not quite as funny as Juice! Hahahahahahaha!

7. Maybe I should download a font from Kevin and Amanda to use on all of my computers? In fact, I should probably send them my writing sample so I can have my own font!

8. How many computers can one girl use?!?!

9. This is one of my favorite pictures from the Summer. One I didn’t forget about, and shared on this post that had absolutely nothing to do with wine. It’s not perfect by any means, but I love its glittery fun-ness (yes, fun-ness is a word. In Amanda-ese!). I’m seriously considering framing this baby.


10. The more I think about it, the more I want to see if Amanda from Kevin and Amanda will turn my handwriting into a font. It would be so delicious!

11. Can font be delicious? Like bacon?

12. Now I’m hungry.

13. Happy Friday, all!

14. I wish you a weekend filled with fun-ness!

15. Christmas is in 73 days! Yikes! (I had to add that because ending on 14 was bothering me. You know, because I'm weird.)


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