September 29, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 10 : Hands

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This weeks challenge is Hands. My picture technically only has one hand in it, but I like it so I'm going with it.

DSC_0140 copy

This is the same little girl from my last post. She had no idea I took this picture. I'm so sneaky! Ha!


I’m tellin’ ya…definitely going to be in the LPGA one day! Look at that form! And you know that I know ALL about proper form because of my professional miniature golfing ways.

Next week: Orange
Something tells me I won't have any trouble with that one!


September 27, 2011

Hole in One

When I was a little girl I would go with my daddy to the golf course. I rode around in the golf cart and he played golf. It was great.

He would also take me to play Putt-Putt. I loved it.

Because putting is all I can do. I cannot hit a golf ball to save my life unless it is in the form of putting which is why miniature golf is my game.

And let me just say…I’m a pro.

So, what in the world was I doing at a golf tournament Monday morning? When I absolutely 100% cannot do anything other than putt the ball?

I was taking pictures, of course! I’m not very happy with how they turned out (I think I had my ISO cranked up and forgot), but I still had fun.

DSC_0216 copy

This little girl is definitely more than just a putter. She just might be a member of the LPGA someday. Smile


September 25, 2011

Photography Challenge Week 9 : A Mess

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So, this weeks challenge is a mess. I’m here to tell you I’m surrounded by mess. I am not now nor will I ever be a minimalist. I thrive on stuff and the more I have surrounding me, the better I feel. Now, don’t think I’m a case for Hoarder’s or anything like that. I’m not that bad…yet. Ha!

The following images are what I like to refer to as ongoing mess. In other words, even when I’ve tidied up the rest of the house these two areas always seem to remain piled high with stuff.


This is a metal cart I rescued from my grandparents garage and then painted with Krylon’s Hosta Leaf. She lives at the end of my kitchen counter and her intended purpose is to hold my cookbooks, but as you can see pretty much anything can land here. Mail, watches, bracelets, jewelry boxes, and an external hard drive. Honestly, I don’t even know what all I have piled on here.


Ah, the clean laundry pile. Something tells me, I’m not completely alone in this one. Smile Although, I'm sure other people at least fold theirs before making a huge mountain out of them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing into the mess that is me. Next weeks topic is hands. Maybe I can get some of those at the golf tournament I’m going to tomorrow!


September 23, 2011

Pinning Away!

I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon, and boy is it ever one fun wagon to ride!

Not only have I been pinning away, but I’ve found some totally awesome ideas for future craft projects.

Like this one:


And this one:

Source: Pinterest Via:

And this one:


But, most of all, this one:


I’m making my own version of this ribbon wreath right now. All I can tell you at this point is that mine is orange and black for my beloved Cowboys, and it’s not round. Winking smile

I read about a Pinterest Challenge the other day where you make one thing off your boards per week. I might just be able to accomplish that fete, but there’s a definite wreath theme to my craft board. I’m going to have work on getting more doors. Ha!

Happy Pinning!


September 21, 2011

I’m Starving

And this is why…


And this is why…


And this is why…


Oh, Bath and Body Works…your candles make me so incredibly hungry by smelling so incredibly delicious. I’m inhaling the wonderfully scrumptious Salty Caramel as we speak and let me tell you, it’s taking all of my strength to keep myself from picking it up and drinking hot wax. Seriously. That’s how good these candles smell.




Oh my.

I’ll stop now.

I <3 you B&B Candles. You can come to my house any time you want!


September 18, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 8 : Black and White

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It’s week 8 of the photography challenge at A Step in the Journey. This weeks subject is black and white. I knew I could take a picture I thought would be great converted to black and white, but I thought why do that when I can take a picture of something that’s actually black and white? And then, I noticed that Laura, the lady behind A Step in the Journey, did the same thing!


I’m making a ribbon wreath in black, white, and orange for my Oklahoma State Cowboys (I’ll share it later in the week) and these are the gazillions of black and white ribbon loops I made this morning. By the way, in case you wondering, hot glue is really hot.

DSC_0129 copy

And here is my photo in actual black and white. I used The Pioneer Woman’s Black and White action for Photoshop Elements. Pretty, isn’t it? I like how she adds the edge burn.

Next weeks theme is: A Mess, and I’ve got plenty of that going on!


September 17, 2011

The Little Things

I love when something comes together. Even small things.

I’ve been working on making my house look the way I want it to since I moved in over a year ago. I’m not anywhere close to finished, and honestly, I’ll probably never truly be finished, but when I complete a project I’ve been working on, no matter how big or small, it makes me feel that much closer to my goal. And that makes me happy.

Early in the Summer, I bought this cabinet to put in my dining room. I’ve written about it before, but at the time I had yet to do anything more than pile random junk on top of it. Well, I wouldn’t say the vase and the platter are junk, but you get my drift.


I was having a hard time coming up with something to place on the top, but then I found this vase at Pier 1 which I just HAD to have.


They’re made of recycled glass which reminds me of old Coca-cola bottles. I have a huge small love affair with old Coca-cola bottles so when I see anything that reminds me of them I get a little excited (I’ll feature them on here sometime. You’ll thank me later! Winking smile). The short round vase is the one I chose to purchase just knowing it would be perfection on top of my cabinet, but then I brought it home, placed it up there, and it shrunk! By approximately 10 times. I couldn’t believe how miniscule it suddenly became.

After 2ish months of indecision I have finally, finally found the beautiful vase some companions.


See how small it is? I can’t believe I ever thought it was huge.

My mom had the idea to put a lamp up there because my dining room is a bit dark. How can a room be dark when it’s part of another room? I may never know… Anyway, I looked everywhere for a lamp, but I have this problem where I dream up things in my head that don’t actually exist in real life so that when I go shopping I’m sometimes disappointed. But when I saw this lamp at Hobby Lobby the other day I fell in love immediately! Then, as I was carrying it’s loveliness around the store I spotted this adorable chicken.

My mom is obsessed really likes to decorate with chickens and I’ve always wanted one in my d├ęcor to kind of honor her, I suppose, but have never seen one I really liked until now. Isn’t he adorable?


Forgive my weird close-up picture. There’s a huge mess all around this area that no one needs to see. Ha!

You might remember the wooden fruit from the auction I went to earlier in the Summer. The drink dispenser is from…where else?…Pier 1! I’ve now filled it with twine wrapped balls and wooden apples so please imagine those being in there. The platter and wooden spoon belonged to my grandma. The platter actually belonged to my great grandmother first. I love family history.

As soon as I placed the last item on top of this cabinet and turned the light on I was so happy. Even though, it’s such a small area, and there’s a huge mess all around, it just makes me smile when I look at it. And shouldn’t your home make you smile?

It really is the little things.


September 13, 2011

Duct Tape…

Not just for radiators. Or whatever it’s really used for. And while we’re on the subject is it duCT tape or is it duCK tape? I know duCK is a brand name, but people seem to always pronounce it duCK tape as well. I think it’s one of those things like Band-aid, Kleenex and Saran Wrap. They’ve lost their status in life and now their name applies to all.

Ok, I’ll stop going off on ridiculous tangents now.

I’ve had this bar height table and chairs for the last 10 years.


They’re in pretty bad shape, but since they’re the first “furniture” I bought using my own hard earned money after moving out of my parents house I didn’t want to chunk them so I thought spray paint, of course, but what in the world am I gonna do about those ripped up seats?

(Yes, I use my cellar door as a place to paint things. Is that weird? I let grass grow as it pleases in the cracks of my patio. Is that also weird? I guess I'm just weid...)

See what I mean?



I knew if I even attempted to take them apart to replace the fabric after being outside for a decade (I’m such a terrible outdoor furniture mother!) that they would most likely fall apart. As usual, I started to panic when an idea does not immediately pop into my head, but also, as usual, my mom came to the rescue! She suggested I cover the seats in…what else? Duct tape! Then my friend, Brandon, suggested I use colored duct tape, and the rest, as they say, is history! Well, it is now, that I’ve 90-ish % finished the project. Smile

Keep an open mind when you see my color scheme…I LOVE COLOR!!!


Delicious, right? It kinda makes me hungry, but really what doesn’t make me hungry? Ha!


Spray painting was a piece of cake, but can I just say that upholstering in duct tape is quite…interesting?

I used the regular old gray stuff to tape the edges and cover the rips, then went back over the whole thing with the yellow. It took awhile, but I listened to the (also delicious) voice of Matt Muenster on DIY while I ripped, cut, stuck, and smoothed tape over and over until I ran out.


Looks pretty good, huh?



The second chair is currently sitting in my living room waiting on my lazy rear end to buy another roll of tape, but I am seriously in love, people. In love.

I’m thinking some sassy little pillows for the chairs and something to hang on the brick above the table (maybe an old window?) to add character and help disguise my ugly satellite cable will make this sweet little spot even more fabulous, but that will probably be a project for next summer. I love summer projects.

Really, is there anything I don’t love?

Yes. Lettuce.

Today’s lesson? Never underestimate the uses of good old fashioned duct tape! Plus, the stuff comes in some seriously amazing colors and patterns.

What will they think of next?!


P.S. So far the duct tape seems to be holding up fairly well. The temperature is back to the high 90s here in OK, and it poured a solid sheet of rain for approximately 30 seconds the day I set them outside. I'm thinking they won't appreciate the cold, though, so I'll probably either tarp them or put them in my storage shed, but all in all I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Happy taping!

Tossin' the Pigskin

It's that time of year again!

Football season!

I just love it, don't you?

I especially love all of the tailgating food. But, I love food in general so that's probably not a good enough reason for loving football. Ha!

This year, my team, The Oklahoma State University Cowboys, are sporting new uniforms, and boy are they ever fabulous!

My favorite are still the orange jerseys with white pants, but they have enough different colors of everything this year to make 48 different uniform combinations! Is that not crazy? I don't even have that many outfits in my closet. Maybe I should start playing football?


I love me some ORANGE!

And our quarterback, Brandon Weeden!


You can't play the game without DEFENSE and we have a fantastic defensive line!


This one makes me laugh. It's just so...foreboding. Haha!


These are my favorites from the last couple of years, but I think the new uniforms are going to be just as great. Plus, with 48 different possible combinations we'll be able to predict the uniform combo along with the score. More ways to win a contest is always a good thing in my book. :-)

I can't wait till our game against Tulsa on Saturday!


September 8, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 7 : What I Wore Today

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The Pokes are on ESPN tonight so I HAD to wear my orange and black today to represent!


Can I just say my shadow looks super sassy back there? Ha!


My shoes are orange too. That’s just how I roll.


In case you needed a close-up of my O-State action. I’m here to please, after all. Smile

Next week: Black and White!