September 27, 2011

Hole in One

When I was a little girl I would go with my daddy to the golf course. I rode around in the golf cart and he played golf. It was great.

He would also take me to play Putt-Putt. I loved it.

Because putting is all I can do. I cannot hit a golf ball to save my life unless it is in the form of putting which is why miniature golf is my game.

And let me just say…I’m a pro.

So, what in the world was I doing at a golf tournament Monday morning? When I absolutely 100% cannot do anything other than putt the ball?

I was taking pictures, of course! I’m not very happy with how they turned out (I think I had my ISO cranked up and forgot), but I still had fun.

DSC_0216 copy

This little girl is definitely more than just a putter. She just might be a member of the LPGA someday. Smile


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