September 25, 2011

Photography Challenge Week 9 : A Mess

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So, this weeks challenge is a mess. I’m here to tell you I’m surrounded by mess. I am not now nor will I ever be a minimalist. I thrive on stuff and the more I have surrounding me, the better I feel. Now, don’t think I’m a case for Hoarder’s or anything like that. I’m not that bad…yet. Ha!

The following images are what I like to refer to as ongoing mess. In other words, even when I’ve tidied up the rest of the house these two areas always seem to remain piled high with stuff.


This is a metal cart I rescued from my grandparents garage and then painted with Krylon’s Hosta Leaf. She lives at the end of my kitchen counter and her intended purpose is to hold my cookbooks, but as you can see pretty much anything can land here. Mail, watches, bracelets, jewelry boxes, and an external hard drive. Honestly, I don’t even know what all I have piled on here.


Ah, the clean laundry pile. Something tells me, I’m not completely alone in this one. Smile Although, I'm sure other people at least fold theirs before making a huge mountain out of them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing into the mess that is me. Next weeks topic is hands. Maybe I can get some of those at the golf tournament I’m going to tomorrow!


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