September 17, 2011

The Little Things

I love when something comes together. Even small things.

I’ve been working on making my house look the way I want it to since I moved in over a year ago. I’m not anywhere close to finished, and honestly, I’ll probably never truly be finished, but when I complete a project I’ve been working on, no matter how big or small, it makes me feel that much closer to my goal. And that makes me happy.

Early in the Summer, I bought this cabinet to put in my dining room. I’ve written about it before, but at the time I had yet to do anything more than pile random junk on top of it. Well, I wouldn’t say the vase and the platter are junk, but you get my drift.


I was having a hard time coming up with something to place on the top, but then I found this vase at Pier 1 which I just HAD to have.


They’re made of recycled glass which reminds me of old Coca-cola bottles. I have a huge small love affair with old Coca-cola bottles so when I see anything that reminds me of them I get a little excited (I’ll feature them on here sometime. You’ll thank me later! Winking smile). The short round vase is the one I chose to purchase just knowing it would be perfection on top of my cabinet, but then I brought it home, placed it up there, and it shrunk! By approximately 10 times. I couldn’t believe how miniscule it suddenly became.

After 2ish months of indecision I have finally, finally found the beautiful vase some companions.


See how small it is? I can’t believe I ever thought it was huge.

My mom had the idea to put a lamp up there because my dining room is a bit dark. How can a room be dark when it’s part of another room? I may never know… Anyway, I looked everywhere for a lamp, but I have this problem where I dream up things in my head that don’t actually exist in real life so that when I go shopping I’m sometimes disappointed. But when I saw this lamp at Hobby Lobby the other day I fell in love immediately! Then, as I was carrying it’s loveliness around the store I spotted this adorable chicken.

My mom is obsessed really likes to decorate with chickens and I’ve always wanted one in my décor to kind of honor her, I suppose, but have never seen one I really liked until now. Isn’t he adorable?


Forgive my weird close-up picture. There’s a huge mess all around this area that no one needs to see. Ha!

You might remember the wooden fruit from the auction I went to earlier in the Summer. The drink dispenser is from…where else?…Pier 1! I’ve now filled it with twine wrapped balls and wooden apples so please imagine those being in there. The platter and wooden spoon belonged to my grandma. The platter actually belonged to my great grandmother first. I love family history.

As soon as I placed the last item on top of this cabinet and turned the light on I was so happy. Even though, it’s such a small area, and there’s a huge mess all around, it just makes me smile when I look at it. And shouldn’t your home make you smile?

It really is the little things.


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