September 13, 2011

Duct Tape…

Not just for radiators. Or whatever it’s really used for. And while we’re on the subject is it duCT tape or is it duCK tape? I know duCK is a brand name, but people seem to always pronounce it duCK tape as well. I think it’s one of those things like Band-aid, Kleenex and Saran Wrap. They’ve lost their status in life and now their name applies to all.

Ok, I’ll stop going off on ridiculous tangents now.

I’ve had this bar height table and chairs for the last 10 years.


They’re in pretty bad shape, but since they’re the first “furniture” I bought using my own hard earned money after moving out of my parents house I didn’t want to chunk them so I thought spray paint, of course, but what in the world am I gonna do about those ripped up seats?

(Yes, I use my cellar door as a place to paint things. Is that weird? I let grass grow as it pleases in the cracks of my patio. Is that also weird? I guess I'm just weid...)

See what I mean?



I knew if I even attempted to take them apart to replace the fabric after being outside for a decade (I’m such a terrible outdoor furniture mother!) that they would most likely fall apart. As usual, I started to panic when an idea does not immediately pop into my head, but also, as usual, my mom came to the rescue! She suggested I cover the seats in…what else? Duct tape! Then my friend, Brandon, suggested I use colored duct tape, and the rest, as they say, is history! Well, it is now, that I’ve 90-ish % finished the project. Smile

Keep an open mind when you see my color scheme…I LOVE COLOR!!!


Delicious, right? It kinda makes me hungry, but really what doesn’t make me hungry? Ha!


Spray painting was a piece of cake, but can I just say that upholstering in duct tape is quite…interesting?

I used the regular old gray stuff to tape the edges and cover the rips, then went back over the whole thing with the yellow. It took awhile, but I listened to the (also delicious) voice of Matt Muenster on DIY while I ripped, cut, stuck, and smoothed tape over and over until I ran out.


Looks pretty good, huh?



The second chair is currently sitting in my living room waiting on my lazy rear end to buy another roll of tape, but I am seriously in love, people. In love.

I’m thinking some sassy little pillows for the chairs and something to hang on the brick above the table (maybe an old window?) to add character and help disguise my ugly satellite cable will make this sweet little spot even more fabulous, but that will probably be a project for next summer. I love summer projects.

Really, is there anything I don’t love?

Yes. Lettuce.

Today’s lesson? Never underestimate the uses of good old fashioned duct tape! Plus, the stuff comes in some seriously amazing colors and patterns.

What will they think of next?!


P.S. So far the duct tape seems to be holding up fairly well. The temperature is back to the high 90s here in OK, and it poured a solid sheet of rain for approximately 30 seconds the day I set them outside. I'm thinking they won't appreciate the cold, though, so I'll probably either tarp them or put them in my storage shed, but all in all I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Happy taping!


  1. How clever! I have four patio chairs that are wrought iron but the backs on them are wicker. The wicker is now in very bad shape, and I'm thinking of using duck (duct?) tape in lots of different colors (striped) to redo them. What do I have to lose, huh? Thanks for the cute idea, and yes, this will be a great summer project!

    1. Thanks! It was really fun to do and it's pretty cute. It doesn't stick all that well down in the curve, but it was cheaper than buying all new patio furniture and you can't really tell anyway. :) I bet the stripes will be super cute!