September 5, 2011

The 411…or 410

After a year of living in my “new” house I thought perhaps it was time to post some house numbers. Plus, I’m a little tired of having to deliver mail to my neighbors since having a numberless house obviously means you’re all the numbers.

I didn’t want plain old numbers nailed to the porch posts like all of my neighbors so I made a sign.


Hobby Lobby was kind enough to provide me with this clearance marked metal sign, I already had the tile from a previous house number, and the numbers and paint came from Lowe’s. I <3 Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s. I could live at either one.

A little magic…snap, snap…one, two, three…and now we have this!


Maybe I’ll stop coming home to cribs and other strange deliveries on my porch? I sure hope so!

Have a great Labor Day, everyone!

Oh, and Go Pokes!!


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