September 13, 2011

Tossin' the Pigskin

It's that time of year again!

Football season!

I just love it, don't you?

I especially love all of the tailgating food. But, I love food in general so that's probably not a good enough reason for loving football. Ha!

This year, my team, The Oklahoma State University Cowboys, are sporting new uniforms, and boy are they ever fabulous!

My favorite are still the orange jerseys with white pants, but they have enough different colors of everything this year to make 48 different uniform combinations! Is that not crazy? I don't even have that many outfits in my closet. Maybe I should start playing football?


I love me some ORANGE!

And our quarterback, Brandon Weeden!


You can't play the game without DEFENSE and we have a fantastic defensive line!


This one makes me laugh. It's just so...foreboding. Haha!


These are my favorites from the last couple of years, but I think the new uniforms are going to be just as great. Plus, with 48 different possible combinations we'll be able to predict the uniform combo along with the score. More ways to win a contest is always a good thing in my book. :-)

I can't wait till our game against Tulsa on Saturday!


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