September 6, 2011


Have you ever seen one of these?


I cracked up when I saw it with my dad’s birthday card from his co-workers. I’m one of his co-workers so of course, I tested it out for him. The cute little thing actually works!

As I was playing with this silly little plunger I was thinking about the time I gave myself a um…uh…a…hickey... That’s right. I said hickey. On my forehead.

What? You want to know how I not only gave myself a hickey, but I gave it to myself on my forehead? I assure you I am not a contortionist.

It all began with one of these…

Poppin Hopper

Imagine me as a 13ish year old girl home alone with my little brother (who was basically a hermit and never came out of his bedroom) on a school night. I was standing in the kitchen doing great things or perhaps just staring into the fridge when I spotted a rubber half circle thing on the counter. I began to play with the half sphere. Rolling it inside out, sticking it to the counter, watching it POP up into the air, trying to catch it, and then doing it all over again, but then, oh, but then...I thought "what would happen if I stick this to my forehead? Will it still POP?"

The answer is NO.

I rolled that half circle popper thing inside out, stuck it to my forehead, and proceeded to wait for what felt like hours. I'm sure it was more like 2.7 minutes. Finally, after accepting defeat I pried that bit of silicone rubber off my forehead, laid it back on the counter, and went out to watch TV until my parents came home.

When they returned home I followed them into the kitchen where they turned to look at me and just stared. After a few seconds my dad said, "what the heck is on your forehead?! Is that a hickey?! How did you get a HICKEY on your FOREHEAD?! Hahahahahahahaha!!!" I looked at him like a crazy person and then ran to the bathroom. Sure enough, there was a perfect, circle shaped purple bruise right smack in the middle of my forehead.

That ugly thing was there for a whole day. A whole day of school.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you shouldn't stick suctiony circly things to your forehead.

I haven't tried it with the iPlunge so let me know how that one goes. :-)

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