May 27, 2011

Fab Find

The other day...

Before I go on I need to get something off of my chest. I feel I should be completely upfront and honest about this. I use the phrase "the other day" for any day that has gone by in the last 28 years. I feel it's an all encompassing term which should be used when referencing any day in my life even if that day was ten years ago.

I feel much better having said that because well, you know, I'm a little weird and you might get confused when I say the other day and maybe I'm talking about something from my childhood. Just know that eventually I'll say something else that will give you a better time frame for when the other day actually was...

So, the other day, my parents and I went shopping for my very first washer and dryer. I know! 28 and I just got my first washer and dryer?! All I can say is mom's W/D has been really good to me my whole life. Ha! Anyway, on that day we also went to this really neat consignment furniture shop where I found this fantabulous cabinet.

My dad told me it was for clothes, but I had other plans for this baby. After he did some repair work, of course!

This is what it looks like after a couple months (see? I told you I would give you a "date" reference for my "the other day") in dad's barn, some glue, some clamps, some finishing nails, and a good scrubbing with Murphy's Oil Soap. Oh, and new knobs because the ceramic brown things that were on it were hideous in my opinion.

It really does look like it was meant to be a closet and the tag called it an armoire, but who puts a closet in their dining room? I turned it into a pantry!

Somebody was kind enough to have already put these metal shelving strip things in there so all we had to do was add the clips.

Then dad made me a few shelves.

Which I wrapped up like presents using leftover wrapping paper from last Christmas. I bought the paper (on sale, of course) at Hobby Lobby and their paper is really heavy duty so I won't have to worry about it ripping.

Food! Yum! It makes a much better pantry than a closet, don't you think? Who only has two outfits anyway?

I also used it to line the drawers. Genius, I say!

Now, if I could just finish the side tables I started refinishing the other day...

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  1. ha ha! I love your explaination of "the other day"! And what a great find!! I would never have thought the make a wardrobe a pantry, but you made it look easy AND beautiful! Great knob ugrade, too!!