May 15, 2011

Cup o' Twine

My local AMBUCS club is having a banquet next weekend and my mom and I are in charge of table decorations. It's a BBQ dinner which is super messy so we're using brown paper for table cloths and disposable plates and napkins for the food. Since the food is simple we want to keep the decorations simple. Plus, they need to be as low cost as possible since the whole point of our banquet is to raise money to support our new club.

One of the other women on our banquet committee brought a huge roll of twine to our brainstorming meeting so I thought, "what would it look like if we wrapped twine around some styrofoam cups, tied some ribbon around the tops, and put some sunflowers in them?"

Well, they turned out stinkin' cute if I do say so myself!

Is that not the biggest roll of twine you have ever seen?

Ok, so our main ingredients are twine, Mod Podge, and styrofoam cups, but we also ended up using a low temp glue gun to anchor the twine around the bottom of the cup.

After 35 feet of twine, lots of wrapping, and super sticky Mod Podge fingers we have this cutie.

We hot glued bandana print ribbon around the top to cover the white space. I think these are already super adorable and could be used at a summer picnic to hold silverware.

But, we're using them as table decorations so after filling the cups 2/3 full with playground sand and a few artificial sunflowers we have this!

Cute, cute, cute! I can't wait to see what they look like on our tables.


  1. That is cute! One of my blogs I follow had a post about this very thing a couple of weeks ago. Only instead of using styrofoam, they wrapped twine around a mason jar. And you know how I love me some mason jars....

    It looks like it would take awhile though. Not a fan of things that take awhile....hahaha!

  2. Super cute! And yes, that is the biggest roll of Twine I've ever seen!