May 16, 2011

Little Brothers

Little brothers are dirty and smelly and annoying and smelly and dirty and annoying and smelly. Did I mention they're smelly?

This is my little brother.

He's not very little anymore. He's so tall he shoves my face into his armpit when he hugs me. At least he isn't smelly. Not since he decided girls aren't gross. Now he smells like he bathed in cologne which is good for my nose when it's in his armpit, but it is a bit strong...

We used to be mortal enemies, but now we're friends. I honestly don't know what happened. Maybe there's a switch that flips when you reach a certain age?

I guess little brothers aren't so bad. Once they reach their mid-twenties. Ha!

But, this isn't my only little brother. I also have a couple of the canine variety.

Meet Gipper.

He's the newest addition to the family, and he's nuts. I mean crazy. Seriously.

There's something in this mower and I'm gonna get it!

But not from this side...

Well, maybe if I just sit back here and wait it out...

Mmmmm fiber glass is tasty, but I still didn't get the mower intruder...

I've almost got it. I'm so close. Just a little closer. Come on. Just get in my mouth!

I'm pooped. Better luck next time.

This dog is completely ridiculous. He's been hanging out next to this mower for hours and hours for the last couple of weeks. I've never seen such dedication...

And now, the sweet one. The well behaved one. The 3-legged wonder!


He's such a handsome little devil and so well behaved.

This is while Gipper was bouncing around the mower.

This is while Gipper was bouncing around the mower.

This is while Gipper was bouncing around the mower.

I'm sensing a theme. Did I mention Rowdy is well behaved?

Little brothers sure are fun! And hairy!

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  1. Hahaha! This was while gripper was around the mower, this was while gripper was around the mower! Love it!!