May 19, 2011

32 Years

Today is my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. I can't even imagine being with someone that long. I can barely stand to be with someone more than five minutes. Well, I guess that's not entirely true since I have been around my family for the last 28 years. Ha!

This is their engagement photo. How cute are they?! I can't seem to find a digital copy of their wedding photo. I must have it saved somewhere else, but I can tell you this, they BOTH wore white! Or off white. It makes me giggle...a lot.

I've also heard stories about my dad wearing a powder blue tux to his prom. He definitely had a sense of style. I don't think I'll call it a good one...

I ask my dad all the time how he proprosed to my mom. To this day he still hasn't told me. I ask my mom how he did it and all she can remember is that he tricked her into asking him! I say, "what?! How in the world did he do that?! Oh my goodness! That is so funny! Oh, tell me, tell me, tell me!" But, then after I calm down and start breathing again my mom shrugs and says she doesn't remember. I guess it was all just too exciting and the euphoria wiped her memory.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Here's to another 32 years!

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