May 31, 2011

Oh, brother...

Yesterday we had dinner at my parents house.

{Side Note}...I found the wedding picture I wanted to put in their anniversary post. I knew I had it somewhere!

I told you they both wore white...

Ok, so back to our dinner. My "little" brother, the human one, came to eat as well. This is a super rare occurrence and I'm utterly shocked that my parents and I didn't faint when he pulled down the driveway.

And yes, he shoved my face into his armpit and then asked me if it smelled good. Ugh!

Other than his armpit theatrics my brother is pretty great, but sometimes I wonder what goes on in that boys head. Last week, out of nowhere, he calls me and says he's going to start a contracting business. I'm thinking oh, brother..., but I said, "don't you have to be licensed for that kind of thing?" His response was something about his friend/partner being licensed, and again I'm thinking oh, brother...

I now realize where the term "oh, brother" comes from. Someone from a million years ago must have had a schemer of a brother like I do so they were always saying or thinking oh, brother...

I wonder how long it will be before he calls me with another fabulous job idea. I swear he changes jobs more than he changes his socks.

Really, though, he is pretty great. Mostly because he brought me this present:

Isn't he so sweet? Bringing me a spoon for my collection?

{Side Note}...Yes, I have a spoon collection...I'll show it to you sometime.

I love it!

And speaking of love, don't you just love my purple glitter nail polish? I realize I'm not a tween, but I can't get enough of glitter nail polish. This bottle is by Nicole and it's in the One Less Lonely Girl by Justin Bieber Collection. Remember how I said I'm not a tween? Well, I'm apparently drawn to tween type things. Ha!

The yellow arrow is pointing to my color One Less Lonely Glitter, but I'm also totally in LOVE with Step to the Beat of My <3! I'll have to pick that baby up sometime soon. Even though I'm a closet tween at least my polish purchase went toward a good cause which you can check out here. Thanks Justin Bieber!


  1. ha ha ha!! I love the big yellow arrow!! And what a sweety that brother of yours is!!

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