June 2, 2011

Oh, Snap! A Thursday Edition

Not that I'm complaining about the 3 day weekend, but it really threw me off. I've been on the wrong day all week, and I totally missed Oh, Snap! yesterday. But never fear because I'm here on Thursday to right my wrongs and bring the world back into it's natural state of balance. Well, maybe not the whole world, but the part I live in anyway.

This week is a doozy, folks. We have feet, we have chicken, we have wine...wait! That sounds like a party!

{Side note} - I didn't take this with my phone (obviously). In fact, my nearest and dearest friend, the amazing Jesse, took it a couple summers ago, but I LOVE it! And I thought I would share since I'll be headed her way in just 2 short weeks! Yippee!

This was hanging on the wall at our AMBUCS Installation Banquet. I'm not sure why our VP thought I looked witchy or why I'm only worth money if I'm dead, but I thought it was neat.

Please don't turn me in, ok?

Oh wine, how I love thee, let me count the ways...

Have I mentioned I like taking pictures of my feet?

These are all from what I like to call "shopping on the cheap" stores, and I like to call this collage "collection de cheap-o and weird." I'm so creative! Ha!

I promised you chicken didn't I? That is chick-uh-fil-ay-uh and it's sitting in something that may or may not be my purse. You can't prove a thing. Besides, I already told you I'm weird.

And last, but as usual, never least the BEST thing I saw last week! The BIGGEST, GIANTEST, HUGEST, most amazing tie dye kit I've ever seen!

For the everyday low price of $18.98. Too bad the packaging lies when it says it will make 40 shirts.

I'm a professional tie dyer so I totally know these things. Just trust me. I speak the truth.

My mom and I used 3 kits claiming to make 8 shirts apiece and 1 kit claiming to make 20 shirts to make these 11 shirts. That's right, I said 11. Not 44.

I suppose you could get that many if you barely put any color on your shirts at all or if you kept adding water, but then you don't get this vibrant, poppy, zingy, amazing color! And I love color!!

Told you I'm a pro...

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  1. Oh man! This post is so chuck-full of goodies I can't pick a favorite! I mean, there's the chick-uh-fil-ay-uh, feet, WINE?!?! I'm in sensory overload!!! LOVE IT!!!