June 26, 2011


I turned 29 on Saturday.

That's all I really have to say.

Kidding! Like I'm really going to leave you with only 12 words. I'm long winded, remember?

Anyway, I had a good day. I woke up at the butt crack which equals 7am in my world. I seem to wake up earlier and earlier the older I get. I wonder why that is? Then my grandma made me bacon, eggs, and waffles. Yum! I spent the day with mom and grandma hanging a shelf and a few pictures, visiting my favorite shoe store in all the world, Nabors, eating Braum's ice cream, and then the icing on the cake! The homemade pizza and chocolate sheet cake which were my birthday dinner requests. Delicious!

I might have made a birthday purchse or two or three while at Nabor's...you know how I have all of these obsessions? Well, there's one I haven't written about. Watches. Fossil watches in particular. I already have 10 or so, but when I go to Nabor's I can't help but look at the Fossil display, and they have so many cute ones I just couldn't resist!


Who could say no to this beauty??

Mom had to get one too. Her obsession is even worse than mine. Don't even get me started on her earring collection...

Thanks to my dear family I'll be able to use birthday dollars to buy a new lens for my camera. Yippee!

All in all, my birthday was simple, quiet, and sweet, just the way I like it. And a little bling never hurts anything.

I think I'll enjoy being 29, but 30...I'll let you know when I get there.


  1. Nice watch! I've been looking for a great boyfriend watch lately, but haven't had the guts or $$ to buy the Michael Kors one.
    This, however, is adorable!

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty much in love with it. :)

  3. A wise woman once told me: "Who needs love when you can have _________ [enter material item you are obsessed with her]}???!?!?" Man, she was really the smartest woman to ever live! Enjoy your watch obsession!