June 13, 2011

Beautiful Butt Heads

Remember how I gave myself a shiny new Nikon D90 as a Very Merry Un-birthday Gift a while back? And remember how my main reason for giving myself this gift besides that it's just a way awesome was to be able to take pictures of my family? Well, I had my first official family photo shoot yesterday with my two cousins on mom's side of the family.

These girls are just too cute for words. I'm not sure either one of them could take a bad picture if they tried. The butt heads.

Brace yourselves because I'm about to show eleventy million photos. Really you should be thanking me because I took 480 something, but I'm only going to post about 10% of them. You're welcome.

I'm pretty proud of all of these. Especially since this is my first time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the older one, at least, will love these so much she'll want to become my full time model! Ha!

Jessica and River {the two cutest sisters you'll ever see}

This is River. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping she grows out of this goofy smile, but she's still totes adorbs.

I love saying totes adorbs.

My friend says the background in this one is too busy, but I love it anyway. How can I not love it with those two beautiful faces in it?

I love the expression in this one so I can totally ignore that she was standing in full sun causing a shadow across her face. :-)

Jessica...is this girl gorgeous or what?

I have a love/hate relationship with this shot.

First: I love Jess, she looks relaxed and beautiful and completely oblivious to River's antics,

Second: I love River's antics. She's such a little jokester.

Third: I hate how you can see me in the background. I look like a fat tub of lard. I'm going to tell myself you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't pointed it out...

River's interpretation of sitting "Indian Style"

I was too close, but...I'm starting to sense a theme, as usual...I love it anyway.

This cracks me up! I said, "act like strangers, like you don't even know each other." Apparently when River doesn't know someone she makes a duck face!

I love, times a million, the next three shots of River. She's super close which cut off the top of her head, but she had just discovered she could see my eyeball through my camera and she kept trying to get closer. Even though they're up close, her expression in these is so sweet.

Beautiful butt head...

Jess' mom specifically requested this shot which Jess informed her was totally cliche. So, I made her do it anyway. Ha!

I almost didn't get this one. I'm glad I did, though, because it's stinkin' cute.

Can you tell she's thirsty?

"I'm thirsty Amanda. I'm thirsty Jay-uss! I need a drink. I'm hot!"

To which I would say, "ok, just one more shot and we'll go get a huge drink. One almost as tall as you are!"

And then I proceeded to take about 50 more pictures in the 95 degree heat. Poor kid...

We did get her a drink, though. I swear!

"Get me a drink, or else!!!"

The very last shot of the day. River's "flippers." I'm not sure why she kept calling them that, but now it's stuck in my head for life.

My family better watch out! They're gonna be all over this blog!

P.S. Does anyone know why some of my pictures insist on posting like this?

Because it's really irritating...

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