June 8, 2011

MOH Chronicles: Part 4

The wedding is just over a month away and I still haven't made the veil! What kind of horrible MOH am I? I'll admit when I offered to make it I was thinking easy peasy. No worries. I'll whip that baby out in 3 seconds flat. No big deal. Whatever, I'm a pro...at everything.

I have now managed to put it off for months. That's right, I said months, plural, and now here we are just over one month away from THE day and I have yet to get my rear in gear. AND I cannot find the web page with the tutorial I wanted to follow. Ugh. I think I'm just going to have to wing it. Jesse will still love me if it's not perfect right?

I think I'm the worst MOH on the planet, but maybe she won't notice? Oh wait...she reads this... Ok, no, I will not be worried. I will figure it out and I will make it fabulous because that's what I do! Fabulous is practically my middle name, after all!

Please stop back by in approximately 3-5 business days to see if I have completed my task.

To read from the beginning of this ongoing saga click here, here, and here.

I'll just keep it to myself that sewing isn't really my strongest skill...

I love you Jesse! I promise to finish! I really, really do!

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  1. Amanda!!! Have no fear, I do still love you! I think your best work comes in a quick time frame!!!