June 2, 2011


I hit the 25 pounds down mark in WW today!

26.4 if we're being exact. I'm super pumped about it! I'd been the same every week for a month which was really depressing until last week when it finally started to drop again, but I was still .2 pounds away from that elusive 25. This week, though, I took the cake!

Well, I didn't actually take any cake or eat any cake, but cake does sound really tasty right now.

All I know is if you're willing to make the change in your life and make the decision to be a healthier version of you then Weight Watcher's can do amazing things.

Here's to 25 more!

P.S. All of my WW buddies are still MAJOR ROCKSTARS! We're all doing fabulously!

1 comment:

  1. CONGRATS!! You must be so "wee"!!! Can't wait to see your skinny butt!