June 28, 2011

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness!

The other day I was checking out Less Cake {More Frosting} because I like the way Miss Ellie G writes. I feel like we're sitting there together laughing our faces off! Plus, she does some rockin' projects that I keep adding to my list of "things to try." Basically, she's just super cool.

Anyway, last week I was over there checking out her Pick Your Plum post. I <3 Pick Your Plum with their fantastic daily deals! Honestly, I thought she would just be telling us how awesome PYP is which I already know because I order stuff from them ALL the time, but like I said I love Ellie G's way with words so I was reading it anyway. BUT it wasn't just another evaluation of PYP, it was a giveaway! Of course, I entered. How could I resist?

Guess what?! I won!! I checked out LCMF last night and lo and behold there was my name with a link to my blog. Can we say best 2 days after my birthday present EVER?!

If you haven't already, you should definitely check out Less Cake {More Frosting} AND Pick Your Plum. Especially if you're an amateur crafty pants like myself. :-)

Thanks again LCMF and PYP, you're both awesome!

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