June 29, 2011

Oh, Snap! A New York Edition

If you've been reading lately you may have noticed I recently took a trip to New York. Rochester and Albany to be exact.

You may have also noticed I posted a couple of mobile blogs. I have an opinion on this and I feel like sharing. I didn't like it. I didn't like it one bit. First, it took me approximately 1,000 years to type out the very short message I was going to post. I then agonized for another 200 years over whether the picture I wanted to post along with it would post sideways as my phone pics seem to always do. Then I hit send.

And I waited.

And I waited.

And I waited.

And then I received an email telling me my message had been delayed. Seriously?! I couldn't have possibly done anything wrong! Not me. No way.

But I did do something wrong. I sent the email to @blogspot instead of @blogger. Sheesh!

So I tried again. It went through this time. The picture even posted with the correct orientation, but you know what really bugs me? Besides that it sent with the silly "sent via Blackberry" message at the bottom (which I could totally fix if I were so inclined)? It bugs me that it took me approximately 1,400 years to post that one measly blog entry.

Did I let this deter me from my goal? No way, man! I tried it again a couple of days later. I still didn't like it. So I quit. And all of the blogging I just knew I would have time to do from NY did not happen, but it's happening now! Yippee!

Once upon a time...

These two feet in this cute pair of shoes left their nice comfortable home at the ridiculous hour of 4am. Not only were these feet sleepy, they were hot because at 4am where these feet are from it was already a steamy 80 degrees.

Even though the feet were sleepy and hot they still had this wonderful bag of goodies to get them through the morning at the airport.

*Not pictured: Chap Stick, an iPod, and Cheez-its

Once aboard the plane, the feet saw a very odd sight. Could it be? Nick Jonas of the Jo Bros? Surely not! Besides, the feet were fairly certain the little Jonas would never wad up his suit jacket and shove it in the overhead compartment. Barney Stinson would eat him for breakfast for disrespecting The Suit in such a way.

Utterly appalled at such a sight, the feet turned their attention to the window where they saw this box that MUST have contained some type of hazardous material. It just had to. What else could have been in a box like that? Possibly some bacon? They should have brought it on board for a mid-flight snack.

Here endeth the feets' story. They will now hand it over to me. The face. Or the hands. Since they're typing.

After arriving in NY, I felt the need to suck down one of these daily. What is it, you ask? None other than a Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatto with Soy aka VICMS. Superbly scrumptious and 7 points plus values if you're counting, but I didn't count that week. I ate and I drank willy nilly like a kid in a candy store.

Speaking of willy nilly eating shenanigans. These are Cajun flavored sweet potato tater tots and they were to die for. To die for. Literally. Yum, yum in my tum. Dee-lish! I gobbled these down just in time to eat this...

A bacon cheeseburger with 2, that's right I said 2, half pound patties! I know what you're thinking. Pig. I know, I know! But, in all honesty, I had no idea it was that huge. The girl said our bacon cheeseburger is on special. She didn't say our 1 pound bacon cheeseburger is on special. This thing was literally as big as my head, but I didn't let that stop me. Oh no. I picked it up. Cheese began dripping and running down my hands. I brought it up to my open mouth as wide open as I could possibly get it and CHOMP! I bit right in. It was heaven. It was amazing. It was the best thing I've ever eaten. Too bad I became uncomfortably full not quite halfway through, but never fear! I took it with me and ate it for a snack later.

You know what else was heavenly off of this plate? That teeny, tiny little bowl of pasta salad. I think it was made of mostly cheese and mayo. Two of my favorite food groups.

In conclusion (I love saying that!), I'll leave you with something to ponder. These are crossword puzzle clues. Notice #44. Do you see it? Ok, now look just above it at #43...

It doesn't seem quite right putting these two things side by side, does it?

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  1. OH MAN! Such a great post! I can't decide if my fav part is the Barney Stinson reference or the begining part being told from the perspective of your super cute shoes/feet!! ha ha!