July 3, 2011

Birthday Girl

Last month my small friend, Corinne, turned the big 2. I have such a hard time with gifts for little ones. I prefer to make my gifts, but what could I make for a 2 year old? In the end I decided to make something that would be more for her parents and a nice memory instead of buying a toy.

I agonized for days. Being a perfectionist is hard, grueling work. ;-)

I thought about decorating a picture frame, but the idea didn't excite me much. Then I thought what if I made a collage she and her family could keep forever? Something that would capture this moment in her life?

The next day I sent a text to Eric, Corinne's dad, asking for a recent photo.

It's almost like he was reading my mind because the picture he sent was perfect!

This is my end result...

I think it turned out fabulously! Corinne probably won't care much about it until she's older, but her parents were teary eyed. I would say that's a mission accomplished.

Since I had such a cute gift I couldn't just put it in any old bag or box.

So...I made one. Well, I didn't make the bag, I bought it, but I did Amanda-ize it.

The pinwheel was Corinne's favorite part for sure. It was my favorite too...good thing I kept one for myself!

This kid sure loves water. In fact, I believe she's using her tote bag to haul all her loot to swimming lessons.

Uh oh! Apparently organic chap stick isn't all that tasty. I'm glad my gift didn't earn this reaction. Ha!

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  1. Crafty-picturey-artsy-fartsy gifts from AKT are the best! I cherish ALL of mine!!