July 17, 2011

A Sweet Girl Says "I Do"

My sweet cousin Deitra married her enormously tall fiance Friday night. I've never been to a Friday night wedding. It seemed odd to me, but maybe I'm just odd. Who knows?

She was a beautiful bride.

My sassy cousin Carissa was Deitra's maid of honor. They've been best friends since birth...practically.

She was a beautiful maid of honor.

I snapped a few shots of them here and there when the photographer wasn't giving me dirty looks...Ha!

My grandma made this cake. Isn't it gorgeous?

I told you he's tall. Look at that stoop!

The photographer made the poor guy put the garter in his mouth. His reaction? "But it's sweaty!!"

Off to their honeymoon!

Congratulations sweet girl! I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

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