July 28, 2011

Photo Challenge Week 1 : Self Portrait

Challenge time! I do so love a good challenge. Especially one that involves my camera because I love him/her. It's genderless, if you'll recall. This weeks challenge from A Step in the Journey is self portrait. Not to brag on myself (except that I totally am...), but I was the QUEEN of self portraits with my little point and shoot. Any time you turned around you might catch me cheesing it up for my own camera, but since acquiring my DSLR self portraits are a no go. They're hard work!

I finally set the camera on a table and used the timer. I don't look fabulous, but that could have something to do with the fact that I've been up since 3am and on an airplane for 7ish hours. Please ignore my shiny face, my tired eyes, and my bad posture. Thank you.

Whoa Nelly! Am I ever looking rough, and yes, I'm sitting in a hotel room. I've gotta share it all, man, and that's just where I'm at right now. Ha!

After I shot the pic of myself I used my Cheez-it's as a model. They do exactly as they're told. I think I'll eat them for a snack to show my appreciation. I also think it's funny that most of the picture is completely blown out except for the deliciously cheesy crackers. That must be why they rule the world of crackers.

Up next week: what makes you smile.


  1. Great work focusing on your & blurring the background. And that pic of the Cheez-its! Delish :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I feel your DSLR pain! Its so hard to take pics of yourslef with the heavy beasts... But I do love my "baby" so LOL. For my self protrait I cheated a bit and grabbed a basic digital camera... turned out just fine. By week 20 I should have a tripod again (here's hoping).

  3. A tripod would have been a huge help, Jennifer! I do have one, but it was back home so I used the next best thing! A table! LOL I hope you get yours, though, because they do come in handy. :)

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