July 20, 2011

Challenge Day 7: Best of Blogs

Besides this one?

I kid, I kid! Ok, really I don't. I love this blog.

But, I'm sure this challenge really wants me to share OTHER blogs I enjoy reading so here goes.

My all time favorite blog in the whole wide world is:

None other than The Pioneer Woman! I actually didn't know anything about her until a few months ago which is all kinds of crazy since we're both Oklahoma girls, but what can I say? Sometimes I live quite comfortably under a rock.

I can not wait for her show to premiere on Food Network! August 27th man. I'll be glued to my TV like it's my skin.

I love this lady. She gives tutorials for the COOLEST jewelry. <3

Jasmine Star rocks the entire world! She's incredibly awesome and talented and funny to boot. This, folks, is my favorite times a million photography blog besides PW's (above) photography page. Check it out. Seriously.

The reason I have the sudden urge to paint everything in my house emerald green.

And this is why...

If I could have figured out some way to get this baby to Oklahoma from Arizona without spending a fortune I would have done it in a heartbeat, but since I didn't find a way I now want to paint anything and everything I can get my hands on.

Did you know spray paint and 100 degrees don't go together the way cheese and bacon does? One should be bubbly and one should be smooth. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this...

I love visiting The Quiet Life. Miz Boo takes wonderful photos and shares them daily. She also shares great tips on PW's photography blog.

I can't get enough of photography!

You can never read too many romance novels. Jill shares great book reviews that make me want to read a million books! She hasn't been posting much lately, though. Perhaps it will give me time to catch up.

This girl is a total hoot! She's super funny and shares some amazing tutorials on just about anything you can imagine to decorate your home. I love her. Plus her name is Mandi which is practically Amanda. It just makes sense for me to like her.

Joy the Baker makes me hungry regularly. Like all the time. Even when she makes weird vegan stuff.

I also like to check in with my friends Tienna and Kelsey on their blogs.

There are at least 30 more blogs I read regularly, but these are my absolute faves. The ones I couldn't possibly live without. Ok, fine, I could probably live without them, but my world would be a sad, sad, and lonely place. At least I would still have bacon with bubbly cheese. It just wouldn't be the same.

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