July 24, 2011


Warning! This is a live, happening this instant blog post!
I'm stuck in my friends house and I can't get out. I could leave. It's not like I'm chained to the couch or anything, but I don't think it would be kosher to leave their door unlocked just so I can go home. That would be rude, right?
So, while I sit here pondering the meaning of life, who discovered bacon, and why anyone thinks I believe them when they claim to like lettuce I thought I would share a photo.
I don't remember where they post on these mobile posts, but I think it's at the top so scroll back up for a second and check that baby out!
First, I would like to say "WOW!" Second, I wonder how many bottles of wine someone had to drink to make that monstrosity, and third, why didn't they call me to help?

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  1. Love it! Next time you're up here we'll take you to see it LIVE!!