July 12, 2011

Challenge Day 1: Behind the Blog

Hi! I'm Amanda. But you probably already knew that.

I'm addicted to silly teen shows on the Family channel.

I collect shoes, purses, spoons (weird, I know), Coke memorabilia (but not anything worth money because that would cost a lot of you know, money), and BOOKS.

Bacon is my favorite food. If I had my way it would be it's own food group and would be required daily as part of the nutritional pyramid.

Everything is better with cheese.

I think everything should cost 2 bucks. Seriously. Imagine how much easier life would be if anything and everything cost 2 bucks.

I start at least 3 projects every month, but never seem to finish them.

My best friend lives 1200 miles away which is 1199 miles too many.

Visiting Ireland is my biggest dream in life.

I'm a people pleaser.

This is me. In the future I'm going to try with all my might to keep my head straight forward in pictures so I don't have any more of those weird neck wrinkles. Ick. Somebody should really do something about those stray gray hairs flying away up there too. I am my own worst critic.

This is my house. And yes, that's an OSU blanket in the window. And yes, I do have blinds to hang, but sometimes I'm lazy, and well, I've been lazy for approximately the last 6 months.

Hopefully, I'll be un-lazy by next May-ish so the amazing landscaping plans in my head will have a chance to become reality.

Give me a T!

What? We're not supposed to be cheering? Oh...well...I'll try to refrain for the rest of this post, but it will be super duper hard.

I love using my new genderless camera to take pictures of my plants. And I love this trippy, zippy grass! That's why I HAD to have it. Decorative grass. It's the coolest thing next to um...straight grass.

I love flowers! Rah, rah, rah!

Sorry, I cheered again...

This is Whiskey. My baby girl.

Someday I'll figure out why I can't seem to take pictures of my cats without making their faces blurry, but today? Today is not that day.

Isn't she precious? And FLUFFY?!

This is Echo. He's a sweet boy even if he is blurry.

These? These are my feet. Taking pictures of my feet with other objects is one of my favorite hobbies. You should try it. It's not weird at all. I promise!

Ah...clutter. My surroundings are so much more neat and tidy in my mind.

Give me an A!

Give me an M!

Give me an A!

Sorry...I started cheering again. I told you it would be hard to refrain.

Next up on the blog challenge: Spill Your Purse. That should be interesting!

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