July 25, 2011

Challenge Day 8: Pet Peeves

I've gotten a bit behind in this blog challenge...oops. I've had this particular post written for days, but have been putting off posting it because I think it makes me sound equal parts insane and complain-y (that is totally a word). I was also going to take pictures so there would be visuals of my craziness, but then I decided words are definitely enough when it comes to my complete and utter weirdness.

I guess everyone has pet peeves, though. I'm sure even Elmo, the happiest being on Earth (even though he's a puppet, he still totally counts, right?) has some pet peeves. I mean, who can enjoy having a hand stuck up their back for hours on end?

Here they are...my pet peeves. And yes, I'm aware some of them don't make a bit of sense. But I don't make a bit of sense so I'm ok with it.

I have three HUGE pet peeves. So huge they drive me to the brink of insanity, make me grind my teeth, and cause me to want to rip out all of my hair one strand at a time.

The first one is when people shorten Stillwater to Stilly. I can't explain it, but it makes my skin crawl.

The second one is when people come over to my house where they proceed to walk around touching and picking up everything I own after which they place the items back on the shelf or cabinet or the refrigerator (magnets) in a sloppy fashion that is not anywhere near to the way I had it. (Can we say anal much? Yes, I know I have issues, but seriously, don't be so touchy!)

And my BIGGEST pet peeve in the whole entire world? When someone uses my bathroom and does not shut the lid. Any time I walk into my bathroom and the lid to the toilet has been left in the open position I want to scream. Literally. I don't know why this bothers me so much, but it really, really does. So much so that I now follow my own simple list of rules which I like to call "Bathroom Etiquette." Ok, really it's just one rule. I leave a bathroom exactly the way I found it. Meaning if I use someone else's bathroom and the lid was open when I went in then I leave it that way. I think it's the only polite thing to do.

After that most of my pet peeves are trivial so I'll make a top 10 list (I realize having a top 10 list is probably a bit extreme and therefore negates the fact that I called them trivial. I need help. I really, really do).

1. The look I get when I tell people, "no, thank you I would not like to have a salad with my meal."
2. Towels folded in squares.
3. Being called Mandy.
4. When my shoes squeak.
5. My neighbors not mowing their front yard.
6. My hair flipping out on one side when I'm hot.
7. Toilet paper that rolls over.
8. My ear getting hot when I have to talk on the phone.
9. Open potato chip bags.
10. Press 'n Seal Saran Wrap stuff. I can not tear that junk off the roll to save my life.

I know...I'm crazy with a capital C, but it's part of my charm. :-)

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