July 8, 2011

What a Feeling

I have different reactions to different things. Doesn't everyone?

Take these photos for instance...

To some this might be a piece of sculpture. Or maybe some people know it's the head of the giant horse outside of a PF Chang's. But for me, I look at this and I think that giant piece of yard art is laughing at me. Look! Right there! He's got a big ol smirk on his lips and he's laughing at me. At me!

My initial reaction to this was, "oh, wow! Look! Someone made a big ol pile 'o Christmas lights!" and then, "I wonder if they still work?" and then, "why would someone pile these up back here instead of putting them in the trash? Lazy bum."

A mother's love. Evident in all species.

Quack, quack. Do you think Jesse was freaked out when I, not so casually, reached across her, positioning her quacker just so, and then leaned back to snap a pic? She's surely used to my crazy theatrics by now.

This image really makes me want to quack, quack. QUACK!!

Hmmm, so many people talking. About what, I wonder? Me? The weather? Me? The ridiculousness of that boat/bus? Bo-us? Me? Lunch? Me???

I bet it was me...

A giant crayola? No! It's a church steeple and it makes me feel dizzy, dizzy, dizzy looking at it.

To me this feels like the entrance to The Hidden Valley Ranch. Tasty and green, but no lettuce for me please.

When I look at this I remember I brought home a couple of bottles of this goodness to drink, and then I wonder do penguins really fly?

This post has been brought to you by: The letter F

F is for Feelings.

What a feeling.
Bein's believin'.
I can have it all, now I'm dancing for my life.
Take your passion
and make it happen.
Pictures come alive, now I'm dancing through my life.
What a feeling.

F is for Flashdance.

F is for Friday.

Happy Friday to all, and to all a goodnight!

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  1. This random post is bringing it! And by "it", I mean the feeling! You are super amazing great at taking random things & finding a string that binds them all in one amazing post. Listen up, people! You are reading a blog of GREATNESS!!!

    and ps- I love the crazy antics!!! ha haha ha