July 11, 2011

Peas and Carrots

Today is 7-11-11.

Seven eleven eleven.

Not to be confused with 7-11 or Seven Eleven.

You need the extra 11 or eleven or your whole day will be thrown off and you'll think we're talking about convenience stores which we're not. We're talking about today which is 7-11-11 or seven eleven eleven.

Seven eleven eleven. It just sounds cool. Maybe not as cool as eleven eleven eleven, but definitely cooler than say six eleven eleven or eight eleven eleven.

Seven and eleven...and eleven, they just go together.

You know what else goes together? Peas and carrots.

Macaroni and cheese.

Chocolate and nuts.

Bacon and waffles.

Shoes and my feet.

But mostly, me and my momma.

We do a lot of things the same. We do a lot of things differently, but we always go together like a couple of Legos.

Case in point...(I've always wanted to say that, but it never seems like it really goes with anything I'm saying. Actually, I'm quite annoyed by the phrase, in general, but I still want to use it. Why is that?)

Saturday afternoon I went into town to meet my mom at Hobby Lobby. I probably should have stayed home because I hadn't been feeling well at the end of last week, but Saturday afternoon I was feeling better so I ventured on out. Anyway, I get to Hobby Lobby, walk all over the place looking for my mom, don't find her, call her to see where she is only to find out she was basically right inside the front door. I must have been blind. We'll blame it on the illness.

When I spotted her I noticed something odd about her. Something that looked familiar. Like maybe I had already seen her that day, but no, I hadn't seen her since the day before so what was causing this odd feeling?


We were wearing the same shirt! It was like looking in a mirror. Well, they weren't these 2 shirts exactly. They're the same bulls eye method, but offset and we used brown with various puke greens in an attempt to make camouflage tie dye. It didn't really turn out...but we wear them anyway.

For the rest of the afternoon people looked at us like we're nuts because we matched. We can't help it, though. We do stuff like this all the time. It's because we fit together like Legos, I tell you!

On my birthday weekend last month we both came home with two pairs of shoes and a watch each.

Brace yourselves...

The top pair we knew about, the watches we knew about, but the bottom pair? I didn't know we had both picked those beauties out until we were checking out.

Freaky isn't it?

You know what else is freaky? My big toe.

Feet are so gross.

{Side Note}... What would people do without their cell phone camera? I take a bazillion pictures a week with mine. I can't even imagine life without one. I wonder what I did before I had a cell phone? With a camera?

Oh yeah, I used film and after every click I had to wind that sucker. I'm glad those days are over. Winding cameras was hard work. Probably harder than anything I've ever had to do in my life.

Now I'm just being ridiculous.

Happy Seven Eleven Eleven everyone! Tomorrow just won't feel the same. Seven Twelve Eleven. All wrong.

I hope you spend the day with the Peas to your Carrots, the Cheese to your Macaroni, The Chocolate to your Nuts, the Bacon to your Waffles, the Shoes to your Feet, the Me to your Momma. Whoever it may be, I'm sure you'll fit together just like Legos.

P.S. Is there such a thing as too much fruit in Sangria?

P.P.S. I read a blog this morning about a blog challenge, and here's what I have to say to that...

Challenge Accepted!

The Challenge Posts:

#1 - Behind the Blog
#2 - Spill Your Purse
#3 - Favorite Things
#4 - What Do You Listen To?
#5 - Happiness Is...
#6 - What Would You Do With $100?
#7 - Best of Blogs (what are your favorite blogs to visit)
#8 - Pet Peeves
#9 - Favorite Restaurant
#10 - Goals for the Future

Thanks for sharing Kelsey!

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