June 22, 2011


Is there really anything better than being home? Besides coming home after you've been away?

My week in upstate New York was fabulous as always, but being home just makes me feel complete.

I could most definitely do without the 95 degree heat, though. Give me some good ole early Summer New York weather any day!

While I was gone I shot somewhere around 2000 pictures. I'm not sure if that's a lot or a little. I'm new to this whole fancy camera photography stuff, but I felt like for a 6 day visit 2000 was just about right. Besides, out of all of those shots I only love two and  really like about 10 or so. Maybe I'm picky?

I read somewhere between a million and a gazillion photography blogs in order to learn anything and everything I can about lighting, composition, and anything really, but what I wonder the most is if the pictures I take are only good to me. I'm sure they're not anywhere near being technically perfect (especially the ones I'm posting today since after all the resizing and transferring from place to place they seem to be a lot less crisp), but I guess if I like them then that's all that really matters.

Anyway, before I get too long winded with all of the life questions I ask myself everyday...sometimes out loud. What?! There's no one around to hear me. At least I don't think there is. Oh, geez, there I go again..

For real this time, I'm done rambling...
Here are the handful of pictures I like from my week in New York. I might even frame a couple. Gasp!

This is an office building. Can you believe that? Crazy, I know. I like this one because well, I just do.

This is the same exact building from the other side but instead of shooting into the sun, the sun was behind me. I like how different they look. I also like how close I was standing and the angle I was holding my camera. Cool beans if I do say so myself.

Jesse and Stephanie, the pepples (yes I said pepples) I was visiting. Cute, cute!

This is my favorite shot of Stephanie besides the one above. Her glasses were falling down like that all day long. Silly girl!

Ah, Jesse, what a gorgeous girl. I really like this one. She looks sweet and sophisticated. I think this was her favorite of all them since she immediately made it her Facebook profile picture after I took them off my camera. Ha!

Now, this is my favorite shot of Jesse. I like the two above as well, but this is how I see here when I think of her. Carefree, happy, and dancing. Always dancing.

This is Stephanie's sister, Mary. I would kill to have her legs. I don't know what I was doing on this day when I all of a sudden said, "hey, stand there just like that with your hands on your hips and don't move!" She probably thought I was a nut!

Who doesn't love an old Ford?

I referred to this as "The Hippie Winery" all weekend. It was super fun!

Finally, one of the two shots I absolutely, positively love, love, love. For this one I also said, "hey, stop right there! Don't move! Move your hand to the left some! Yeah, like that...now don't move. Just hold on a second." Once again, I'm sure there were some "she's a nut" thoughts going around...

This is my FAVORITE!!! And you know what? It was a total accident. I was standing there taking pictures of bubbles not really paying attention to anything when Gabby walked behind them. I think it's super dreamy and amazing. :-)

But I can't decide if I like it better in it's original state or like this...

I think it looks a little dreamier this way.

I wonder if all of my favorites will be "accidents?"

Aren't you glad I didn't show you 2000 pictures? I sure am! A lot of them were atrocious anyway. Like the ones with me in them. Ha!

I loved New York, but it's so good to be home!

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  1. I always think you're a nut, but that's the way I like you best!! :)