May 5, 2011

MOH Chronicles: Part 2

I received an email this morning from David's Bridal about my bridesmaid dress. The subject was Your Special Order Has Arrived. I'm thinking, "hot diggity dog! My dress is already here and those silly DB girls thought I was nuts for ordering my dress in April! Ha!"

And then I saw this

Which got me even more excited! Woohoo! My dress arrived in just over a week! Jackpot baby!

And then I saw this

The sash? Really? That's all? And I have to go pick it up within 14 days or they'll give it to someone else? Utter disappointment.

David's Bridal sure knows how to get a girls hopes up, but at this rate I could have the peek-a-boo skirt next week and the dress the week after, and I need that dress, man. I was going to wear it out on the town to break it in. Like to Wal-mart and stuff...

I kid, I kid! But I do need to have it altered well before the July 30th wedding date so I'll keep my fingers crossed that I have it all by the end of this month!

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1 comment:

  1. They sure do get the hype up! LOL, they did the same thing to me with the slip that goes UNDER my wedding dress!