May 11, 2011

Oh, Snap!

Oh, man! This week sure has been interesting on the phone pic home front. Hold on to your pants, folks, and prepare for a wild ride!

Last Tuesday my beauty of a shed arrived. Aka Sheila aka home of my fan-tab-u-lous riding mower. They're in love. Please ignore the abundance of leaves in my ginorm-O yard. I'm creating my own fertilizer....yeah...or maybe I'm lazy.

I also put together this mixed pot with some decorative grass, a few types of Coleus, and some stinkin' cute dahlias. And, yes, that is a feed bucket which, in case you were wondering, is really hard to drill holes into when your drill battery desperately needs to be charged. But then you decide you're going to cut them in with a box knife and that doesn't work either because your blade is dull so you go back to the drill and push it down into the bottom of the feed bucket until your face turns all red and you're gasping for air. What? Things like that only happen to me? Figures...

And then! A happy, happy, happy morning glory! And she's even happier now that she's planted in the ground growing up a trellis and no longer taking a spa vacation in my kitchen sink.

On the right are my super stinkin' amazing new boots. Woohoo!

Oh, but on the left...on the left is the real kicker. I tried so, so, so hard to convince my mom to buy these. You NEED them, I kept saying. They're just SO sparkly, I kept repeating. She would look at me and shake her head. She knows me so well. I love to find the ugliest possible item in a store and tell her she NEEDS it more than anything else in the whole world. It's one of my most favoritest hobbies!

And now for the stars of the show! The strangest and the most disgusting thing I saw this last week. Are. You. Ready???


On the left we have a giant container of sloshy liquid. It looked scarily similar to Coca-cola. Good thing I quit drinking that stuff years ago.

What?! You think I was taking pictures while I drive again? Surely not!

And on the right. Oh dear, on the right. Sick nasty, indeed. A...HAIRBALL! The biggest, longest, most disgusting hairball I've ever seen and I've had many cats in my lifetime. This thing could make the Guinness Book of World Records! But you know what's even more sick nasty? This GIGANTOR hairball was laying smack dab in the middle of a window display. Needless to say, I did not go in to shop...

Well, there you have it, ladies and gents. My week via phone pics. Who knows what I'll see this week!

P.S. I watched Julie and Julia the other night for the first time, and I must say I've never experienced a blog breakdown like Julie. Plus, it took me two days to watch because I fell asleep. I did like the concept, though.

I think they should make a blog movie about my beloved Pioneer Woman! I'd be first in line for that flick!

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  1. Great segment! I love it! And oh man, was that hairball sick nasty or what?!?!? I'm glad to hear you somewhat liked Julie & Julia. I'll have to check it out. I'm pretty sure Stephanie has the book kicking around here somewhere, too!