January 23, 2012

25 Reasons to Paint


I would like to state, for the record, that this photo has absolutely no correlation to what I’m about to write. I just like it. So…I’m sharing.

1. I’ve officially lived in my house for 1 year, 6 months, and 19 days.

2. In that time I’ve painted one wall orange and 7 walls gray.

3. I think it’s about time for more walls to meet my paint brush, don’t you?

4. My dilemma is that my living space is one GIANT space.

5. Which means painting is a HUGE undertaking.

6. Which means I’m overwhelmed.

7. Which is not the opposite of underwhelmed because underwhelmed is not a word.

8. Whelmed isn’t a word either.

9. Who invented this language anyway???

10. Right now all but 8 of my walls are what I like to refer to as the inner depths of a week old banana pudding.

11.Particularly where the vanilla wafer meets the pudding and they’ve become one.

12. Are you picturing a brownish yellowish goldish color?

13. Good.

14. So, I’m leaning toward a nice neutral beige for the most part.

15. Possibly something like this:


16. But, I really think if I paint all of the GIANT walls in my living area the same color I’ll be bored.

17. And who wants to be bored?

18. Consider this (because I am): what if I paint the back wall of my dining room an accent color?

19. Can you dig it?

20. I’m digging it.

21. You know what would be so helpful to determine the answers to all of my questions?

22.Some pictures.

23. I’ll work on that.

24. After I clean my house.

25. After I procrastinate some more.


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