January 18, 2012

The Fiesta Bowl pt. 1

Now that November is out of the way we can move on to December, but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown enough Christmas tree pictures to last anyone a lifetime so I think for your sake and mine, but mostly yours that I’ll skip right on in to January.

January 2, 2012. If we’re being exact, and I am. Smile

Ok, this journey really begins December 30, 2011, but January 2nd is when all the excitement happens!


12/30/11: I headed West in route to I-40 so that it may take me all the way to Arizona for The Fiesta Bowl!

Of course I didn’t take that picture through the windshield while I was driving! What do you think I am? Crazy?!


Morning of 12/31/11: Hello New Mexico! One state away from our target!


Evening of 12/13/11: Arizona. Finally. So, we might have taken the Pony Express. Literally. At least it was pretty!


Night of 12/31/11: Liquid courage. I mean, a refreshment after such a long trip.

By the way, have you ever heard of Calculated Couples? It was going on in your hotel for NYE. I did not attend since it sounded very…calculated.


Morning of 1/1/12: Happy New Year from beautiful Arizona! Palm trees and fabulous weather I could definitely get used to!


Breakfast nachos from Daily Dose, a most delicious restaurant in Scottsdale. In fact, it was so delicious we went there twice!

I have no pictures of this because I spent most of my time in Dillard’s and the rest of the time trying not to get lost, but after breakfast we spent most of the day at the Fashion Square Mall. It. Was. Huge.
Then we went for a little walk around and around before dinner.


Sometime during the afternoon of 1/1/12: Cousin Carissa finds the perfect man.


Sometime during the afternoon of 1/1/12: We found this neat-o fountain to ooo and aaa over and then proceeded to take a bunch of pictures posing in  front of it.


Evening of 1/1/12: Downtown Scottsdale was like walking through a twinkling fairy wonderland. Smile


Later in the evening of 1/1/12: The Old Town Tortilla Factory. Quite an interesting place. Especially when it’s full of rowdy OSU fans!

And now, finally, we have arrived at our destination! January 2, 2012. Otherwise known as the day the Pokes took down the Cardinal!


Orange shoes? Check!


Orange shirt? Check!


Fancy stadium? Check!

Let’s get this party started!


The Pregame Party! But, more on that later.

After a short, possibly one day long, but definitely not month long, intermission I shall return with the conclusion to this oh so wonderful story.



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