November 30, 2010

Word Rant

I really want to post something about this on my Facebook status, but considering how many of my cyber friends use this word I'm about to type (and, by the way, it's really, really, really, hard for me to type this word, that's how much I hate it) I decided to take the safe way out and blog it. Especially since I'm pretty sure only a handful of people read this. So, here goes...Stilly. Why?????????????????? Why must anyone shorten Stillwater to Stilly. Blech! It leaves a bad taste in my mouth just thinking about saying it out loud. I hate, hate, hate it!!!!!!! I can understand shortening it to StillH2O for texting purposes, if need be, but why must anyone drop half the name and add a "y?" It's sounds so incredibly juvenile and ridiculous. It's even worse when people use the shortened version when they're speaking out loud. Ugh!!!!

Here are some towns I have shortened and added a "y" to:

1: Cincy
2: Pitty
3: Housty
4: Wichy

Can you guess what they are? Do they not look and sound D-U-M-B, dumb?

I suppose I'm just a snob, but I don't care. I literally cringe whenever I hear or read the word "Stilly."


  1. Oh man! I'm readying this post way late, but it's totes awesome! Here are my guesses:
    1. Cincinnati? I'm not sure on this one b/c it already ends with the "y" sound.
    2. Pittsburgh (this one is my FAVORITE! ha ha)
    3. Houston
    4. Wichata
    5. Chicago

  2. How am I just now seeing this comment? I'm annoyed that I don't get some kind of notification! Anyway, you are correct!!! A+++