November 28, 2010

Football Flipout

In case you didn't know...Bedlam was last night. I'm always excited for this game just as much or maybe more so than I am for any other Cowboy football game because I just LOVE the Cowboys! <3 But, this year Bedlam was a HUGE deal because the Pokes were not only ranked #9 in the country going into the game, they were also 10-1 for the season which is totes amazing!!! But what was even more exciting for the Pokes and all of us die hard fans was the fact that if they could beat the Sooners they would be guaranteed a spot in the Big 12 Championship for the first time EVER! And well, the last time ever, since those two sneaky teams, Nebraska and Missouri, are slinking away after this season to join other organizations... Anyway, the point is, last nights game was a BIG DEAL. Unfortunately, the Pokes didn't win and will not be participating in the last Big 12 Championship game, but they'll still get to go to a bowl game and with any luck, I'll get to go see them play. :-)

Now, what I realized while watching this game is that football makes me even more nervous than reality TV! I wouldn't have thought anything could twist my stomach into worse knots than ditzy girls throwing themselves at some A-hole man, but football, especially Cowboy football, takes the cake. I didn't even make it to halftime before I was certain I was on the verge of losing my dinner, literally. And part of me, even though I had really, really, really wanted to be at the game, was glad I was watching it on TV so I could leave the room whenever my stomach was too upset. I know, I'm ridiculous, but I suppose I just care THAT much. Ha!

But, even after all my nervous knots and almost balling like a baby, I still love the Cowboys and I'll never stop watching and cheering them on. GO POKES!!!

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