January 20, 2011

No Small Potatoes

Today was a good day. Today was WW week 9. Today I reached my 5% weight loss goal. Normally, I would think 5%?! that's small potatoes...mmmm, potatoes sound yummy...! For example, a 5% discount off of my $10 meal... 50 cents. 50 cents isn't a big deal to me so big whoop. A 5% discount at Kohl's (I'm in shock too! I thought everything was at least 30% off at Kohl's!) on a $500 vacuum cleaner... $25. When compared to 500, 25 just isn't that big of a deal. BUT, 5% of my total weight seems like a HUGE loss! I'm so proud of myself! And at the rate I'm going, I'll reach my next goal by Summer time! Bikini, here I come! Or not...LOL.