January 27, 2011


And I'm not talking about the perfume...

Yesterday after work I stopped at Hastings. I know what you're thinking, "Amanda, you already have a million trillion books and your 'to read' pile is taller than you are. AND you don't NEED any more books!" Well, you're right, but I just can't seem to stop. I've been reading like a fiend and I've gone back to my good old stand by, the romance novel. There really isn't anything better, in my opinion, than a romance novel. Lately I've been reading Sandra Hill, Lisa Kleypas, and I just picked up some new Liz Carlyle. But, here's the deal, my trip to Hastings isn't the worst of my obsession, I've found a used book website! It's just too much! Most of the books on there are $3.95 and the shipping is included in the price! It's like I've died and gone to Heaven! I LOVE BOOKS!!! I now know that I could never own one of those electronic reader things. I have to be able to hold my books, feel them, smell them, and turn the pages. They're like little pieces of my soul and I'm just not going to get that feeling from an e-reader. While I'm reading my current book I'm also reading "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels" on The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond's blog. She's A-MAZ-ING! Originally from Oklahoma, she had gone to California for college and ended up staying for a few years. After deciding it was time for a change in life she came back home for a short stopover before she moved to Chicago. Well, while she was here she met and fell for her future husband whom she refers to as The Marlboro Man. Black Heels is their story and it's exactly what I would want to happen to me in the journey of love and happiness. Anyway, she keeps a blog and she cooks and she's just all around terrific so I highly suggest checking out her site. Plus, she's an Okie and how can you beat that?

And now, back to my Obsession...

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