February 13, 2011

An Aside

I know I should take this as a compliment, but I don't. When I'm sitting in class and the professor makes a comment such as this, "Of course none of you know what I'm talking about, you're all too young to remember," or this, "you're all 21, 22 years old, way too young to know what I'm talking about," or this, "when you're on your own without your parent's support," it really chaps my backside. My TWENTY-EIGHT year old backside to be precise. I realize that I'm not a typical college student, but these are not typical times either. So many people of varying ages are going to college these days that the person standing in front of the class should seriously consider putting a stop to their generalizations. Especially when speaking to someone with as much gray hair as this girl has. What really gets me is that the majority of the time I am probably the exact same age or just a few years off from the age of the teacher and yet, they still stand up there making asses of themselves by assuming we're all youngsters who rely on mommy and daddy to pay the way. Well, I for one, am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, and what I really want to say is this, "excuse me, not that your generalizations aren't great and all and not that I'm not flattered you think I'm such a young pup, but last June I bought a house just after my 28th birthday so put that in your pipe of assumption and smoke it."

Aside, over and out. Back to obsessions next time. Promise.

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  1. You could call this an obsession, maybe.... OH!! Dude!! Maybe you could get sponsors for difference subjects?!?!? Like CK could sponsor this, b/c of their perfume!! ha ha!