February 11, 2011

Free Tea Day!

Well, it's not really Free Tea Day unless you made yourself some tea at home and then it's basically free because you paid for it a million years ago and have now forgotten how much you paid for it and when so it feels free. Whew! Just let me run on, why don't you?

So, to continue on with obsession week, month, or whatever I will now talk about tea. McAlister's Tea. Not to be confused with any other kind of tea on the planet. It's that magnificent. Trust me. There is no other tea like it. Anywhere.

Just look at it...my mouth is filling with saliva just thinking about it and the picture is making my eyes water with need. Oh, McAlister's Tea, how I love thee, let me count the ways... Will you be my Valentine?

I'm not kidding when I say I am 100% completely and utterly in love with this tea. I go to McAlister's at least once per week, and if I don't then I go through some serious withdrawals. We're talking the shakes, the name calling, the cold chills, the whole bit. I'm such an addict, I even hung a cup of the stuff on my Christmas tree. Ok, fine, it's an ornament filled with fake tea, but it still shows my undying love.

P.S. I take my tea, straight up on the rocks. No sweeteners for this girl, and whatever else you do, please, hold the lemon!


  1. This blog entry was AMAZING, as always. However. .... You have failed to capture the beauty that is SWEET tea!!!!!!!!!!! I'm just sayin!!

  2. But sweet tea is NOT beautiful in any way shape or form. Just sayin!! :-)