February 14, 2011


Shoes. Shoes are life. Shoes are friends. Shoes are always lovers and never fighters. Well, I suppose if your feet were swollen they would be fighters, but does that really happen all that often? I could write an entire post about shoes in general since I do have one whole closet strictly for shoes, but I thought I would narrow the playing field down to a specific kind of shoe which I have become obsessed with in the last couple of years or so.

The shoes I'm speaking of...Converse. Or Chucks if you prefer that terminology. Prior to discovering my new love I had always been a Nike kind of girl, but one day while shoe store browsing with my dear friend Ashley, we came upon this pair of bright yellow Converse and on the sale rack to boot!

Can you tell they were my first pair? They're a bit dirty... :-) Anyway, Ashley was already wearing a pair of Converse that I think at one time may have been hot pink, but now I'm not so sure, and she insisted I needed a pair of my own. Now, at the time I was thinking, "bright yellow? Really? Do I even wear anything yellow shoes would go with? I'm just not sure, but maybe I can find something to wear them with, and well, they are on sale. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm sold!" So, that night I walked out of the shoe store with my very first pair of Converse tennis shoes.

And then I bought these pairs...

And then I bought this pair...

And then I bought these pairs...(minus the orange pair you saw above)

And then I hung this pair on the wall as art...

Would you call that obsessed? I like to call it a hobby.

P.S. When my mom saw my brand spanking new bright yellow Converse tennis shoes she said, "wow, those are bright. We used to wear those in the 70's, you know?" with a little smile on her face because she knows what goes around, comes around, and Converse? Well, they're just cool.

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