February 27, 2011

Eau de Skunk

On Sunday's I go to my parent's house for the day. I would tell you why, but you might judge me so we'll just say I like to visit...yeah, visit. And, they cook dinner which never hurts. Well, today I pull up out front, I get out of my car, and stench a la skunk slaps me in the face. But, what's even better is the smell just gets stronger and stronger as I walk toward the front door, and then...and then....and then...I open the front door and, BAM!!! SKUNK STANK right up in my face!!!

Mom says the dogs (Rowdy and Gipper) got into it with a skunk last night and layed all over who knows what in the house before your Dad and I noticed. I'm sure the look on my face was comical. It was like breathing in pure death. Stanky death.

First we coated the carpet with baking soda and let it sit before vacuuming it all up, then I soaked the entire house in Febreze which mom can't stand the smell of. Ha! While the Febrezing was going on Mom and Dad gave the dogs a bath in a mixture of baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap. Apparently, some chemist invented the concoction for skunkified dogs. After all that was done I totally accused my mom of tricking me into visiting because if she had warned me I would not have gone out there today. Does this make me a bad daughter? I think it makes me a smart, skunk aroma free daughter.

I highly recommend steering clear of the skunks, people. They're not cute, they're not sweet, they're nAsty! And why would we even think they're cute and sweet? I'll tell you why. Loony Tunes and Disney. Curse you!

No wonder the poor, sweet little kitty was always trying to run away from Pepe Le Pew. He stAnks!

Don't let Flower's sweet little face fool you. He stAnks too!

This poor dog doesn't belong to my parents. Since I wasn't there for the crime I had to borrow a Google image, but you get the drift...stAnky!

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