March 3, 2011


I have an issue with pants. Saggy pants. Pants not worn around the waist, but hanging halfway down...excuse me, I'm about to use profanity...the ass. I mean, seriously?!?! Who in the world decided pants should be worn practically on the ground? Why wear pants at all if you're going to wear them in such a way that you must hold them up to walk?

Exhibit A: Are they gonna fall??

Disclaimer: Neither the previous picture nor any of the following pictures were taken by me. I do not know the people in them. I just needed some imagery for sagging pants.

I'm sorry if you like to wear your pants hanging halfway to the ground, but it makes you look like a slob. Like someone who doesn't care what they look like. Like someone who has no respect for themselves. Like someone I don't even want to talk to. I have a serious issue with pants people! Have I gotten my point across yet? Pants have a waist for a reason. So you can wear them around your waist. Duh.

I don't care if you have a rockin' body with scrumptious abs to boot, you still look like a dumb dumb with your pants halfway to the ground.

Exhibit B: Pull up your pants! You obviously know where your waist is because you pulled your drawers up that high!

Exhibit C: This one is actually a pic of a garter belt to hold up your sagging pants. So he fits in the hot and ridiculous categoires.

What really gets me is you can buy pre-sagged pants. Do you think I'm kidding? You asked for it...

Exhibit D: I wouldn't pay 2 cents for this ugliness.

I have heard the origin of the sagging pants is prison. The story I heard was if you sagged your pants you were announcing your availability to certain things. I'm sure you don't need me to spell it out for you. However, I'm not altogether sure that's a true statement and according to Wikipedia (who knows if they're telling the truth or not either, but their name rhymes with Encyclopedia and we know how real those things are so I'm going with it) while sagging did originate in prisons it was not to announce your availability for lewd acts, but was actually because the prisoners belts are taken away and without a belt your pants might just fall down. And of course hip-hop (which isn't even real musc in my book) artists wearing saggy pants in their music videos didn't help.

Anyway, in my personal, professional opinion saggy pants are UGLY and should not be worn by anyone on any day of the week. Do you really want to be in my blog because you wore saggy pants like this guy?

I doubt you do, but I'll be watching...

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