March 31, 2011

Party in My Pants!


No, I'm serious. There's a party going on down there. It's a party for my new, skinner B-U-T-T because today I reached my 10% weight loss goal in Weight Watcher's. Yippy!

I'm really proud of myself and all of my WW buddies. We work really hard to eat better and just be better so that we can be healthier, happier people. We're rockstars! And this rockstar is shakin' her booty!

I would post a picture, but I'm not that much of a contortionist. Ha!

I know, you're thinking to yourself, "but didn't you take that picture of the cat on your butt?" Well, yes, I did, but I was able to do that because my arm is twisty not because I can bend like a rubber band. Although, it would be interesting if I could bend like a rubber band. I should look into that. Do you think there's a pill?


  1. Hahahaha!! If there's a pill, I want one. ;) And go, Manda! I'm so proud of you (and us). We really are Rockstars!!

  2. We definitely are! Perhaps we should start a band? :)

  3. WOO HOO FOR WW SUCCESS!! Or is it Woot woot?? :)

  4. I like the Woot woot or woot squared or double woot. Whichever you prefer. :)