March 26, 2011

One Equals Many

I have a new obsession. I know. I already have so many. How could I possibly have more? Well, I do. I just do. And, it doesn't stop here. I have plenty I haven't written about, and I come up with a new one almost daily so it could be years before I'm done documenting them, but today my obsession is Pier 1 Imports. I never used to shop there. We had one in town years ago, but it closed, and I had never really cared for it anyway. Then a few years ago a new one opened up and I went in there a couple of times, browsed around, but didn't buy anything other than a glass chicken which I gave to my mom for her birthday or something.

This week I've been in there twice!! And both times I came out with lighter pockets. What is the deal (or dill. Jesse swears I pronounce deal as dill)? All of a sudden I am LOVING the Pier 1! On Tuesday I went there and came out with:

The glass on the far right. Just one glass. Not a set. One.

The blue timer. Why do I need this, you ask? I don't. I just thought it was cool. I need help. I really, really need help.

This was an impulse buy as I was checking out. I looked up from the counter and it was right at my eye level, and I thought, "how fabulous would that be in my bathroom???" So, I said to the crazy lady trying to convince me I needed a Pier 1 credit card (yeah, right!!! Imagine what kind of trouble I could get into with one of those!!!) "just a sec," walked right up to it, said, "hello beautiful," and carried it back to the counter to add to my loot.

I also took home on this day a small orange cup and saucer that look a bit like a flower if you view them from the top. I couldn't find a stock photo and I'm way too lazy to go take one myself so just imagine it in your head. I'm sure it will look just like the real deal.

And then...I went to Pier 1 today! My friend Kelly came to visit and we decided to do a little shopping. I mostly needed to go to Lowe's to get some painting supplies for a table refinishing project I'm starting, but I also wanted to hit Pier 1 to pick up this most amazing orange flower I had seen there on Tuesday. I don't have a picture of it either and am once again too lazy to provide one so look at the sun and then pretend it's an orange flower. It works, trust me.

I bought the orange flower, but do you really think I stopped there? Oh no. I didn't.

I also got this glass. Again. Not a set. Just one.

And this clock. I don't have a battery for it. That would have required going to another store.

I also got...I know! Something else! I need help! Please stop me!...a vase. No picture of it either, but it's goldish with red roses on it. I know what you're thinking. Gawdy. Gross. What were you thinking? But, I swear it's gorgeous. I don't buy anything ugly. I know this for a fact so believe it.

What have I learned today?

1. I have a problem. I should probably go to meetings,
2. Pier 1 is addictive, and
3. One does not equal one, it equals many. I went in to buy one flower and came out with a flower, a vase, a glass, and a battery-less clock.

The moral of this story? There isn't one, but let this be a warning to the perils of shopping. It takes your cash, your good sense, and a bit of your sanity, but at least when you're old and crazy from the shopping you'll still have all of the pretty stuff you brought home. Unless you broke it in a fit of rage, and then you'll just be crazy. And poor.

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  1. We have the same glass, and I also only have one!