March 15, 2011

Green is in the Air

I love Spring. Everything is so green. And new. And fresh. And vibrant. And lush. And beautiful. And it's just amazing. I wish it were Spring now. But it's still a bit wintry. And chilly. And dry. And dead looking outside. When I came home from work last Friday, which was actually a beautiful warm sunny day unlike the last couple of days which have been retched, I noticed things are starting to turn green around my yard. So, I walked around taking some pictures of green stuff. I'm sure my neighbors thought I was some kind of nut job while they watched me kneel on the ground and take pictures of weeds, but even the weeds look like life! And after this long, cold winter I'm oh so ready for some life. Some lush, vibrant, green sprigs of life!

These are some type of flower I inherited from the previous owner. I say "some type" because I assume they're daffodils, but I won't know for sure until they bloom...if they bloom... And they're such a pretty green!

And the weeds are green. Just ignore that dead looking stuff...

I know this Adirondack chair isn't green, but I can't wait for warm sunny days so I can hang out in it on my back porch. Please ignore those ugly cracks and that mess of dead stuff. I was too busy taking pictures of weeds to clean it up.

And how cute is this little bird? I followed him around for quite awhile. Free entertainment! Ha!

More green (and purple) weeds poking up through the dead stuff.

I love how my neighbors hang their clothes out on the line! It makes me think of Summers with my grandparents. :)

I can't wait for this tree to be full of beautiful green leaves. It's a very odd tree so full of character and charm.

This tree root which resides dangerously close to my foundation (it better not get any ideas...) is just cool in my opinion so it gets to be portrayed here for your viewing pleasure.

Spring, please come soon. I need you. I crave you. I thrive during your season. I'll be here waiting for you and looking at weeds in the meantime.

P.S. I despise gophers...and their nasty little hills. All. Over. My. Yard.

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